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Drooling @wonTONfm

Food blogs are my new obsession. There is nothing more fun to do than to drool over yummy recipes when you are starving and broke. BUT the good thing is, making something is sometimes cheaper than getting it at a restaurant. Sigh, I am dreaming about my future kitchen where I can really whip up some of these delightful things. But for now, I will go to

Tonya’s delicious blog is beautiful, professional and absolutely inspirational.

Dream a little dream of me!





On Saturday Oct. 1st I got to start the month off right by attending the Females that Grind Luncheon at the beautiful MIA at Biscayne.

The luncheon is a charity event held in honor of some amazing female entrepreneurs who inspire and whose work benefits not only themselves, but their communities. Organized by Fab C Productions and MMAD Moda, who are also success business owners, the event proceeds went to benefit Starlent & Where every child is a star (WECIAS).

Miss Runway Mini "K'Lashay" and Miss Runway Tween "MeMe Starr"

Carol Moda, Carol Lynn Willgren, Karine Melissa, Fabienne Claude

I genuinely enjoyed the time spent networking amongst such ambitious women and at the end of the event each woman agreed that they would not be where they are today if not for someone else helping them along the way, so the lesson of the day is: Pay It Forward!

For more information on the charities:

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