White Cashmere Collection

Yesterday I attended the White Cashmere Collection event, hosted by Bev Thompson (Breast Cancer survivor and Canada AM Co-host). The event celebrated fashion with compassion, and featured 15 Canadian designers that created a variety of men and women’s wear, all beautifully crafted in pink and white pure, soft and luxurious Cashmere bathroom tissue. It was AMAZING.

backstage before the show

some of the dresses on display. love.

pretty pretty



Jason Matlo

Jose Manuel St-Jacques

Christopher Paunil


Carrie Hayes

it was a beautiful show!

The dress on the left, all buttons… all Cashmere bathroom tissue. CRAZY. Designed by LUKO.

Philip Sparks



I need that headpiece!

Simon Belanger

Richard Robinson

I’ll take that headpiece as well.

Fun times!

 The designers: Philip Sparks, BROSE by Marika Brose, Jose Manuel St-Jacques, Christopher Paunil, Lizares by Brian Maristela, Rita Tesolin, L’autre Couture by Luko Marion, Carrie Hayes, Jason Matlo, Richard Robinson, LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak, Simon Belanger, Ever Thine by Mikki Rizvi, Hoax Couture by Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle, and Franco Mirabelli. Well done, on doing such an amazing job!

More pics here!

peace and love


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