Posts Written On September 2011

Maynards is looking for YOU!

Ever wish you could have your face immortalized in candy deliciousness? Well here’s your chance to get that perfect pucker and sweet smile ready…

Maynards, Canada’s #1 candy maker, is on the look out to find the first-ever face that they will be turning into their next candy!

HEYDOYOU readers are invited to ‘Make Your Face a Maynards’ on the Maynards Canada Facebook Page – morphing fabulous facial features into virtual candy caricatures for the chance to enter to actually BECOME Maynards next delicious edible treat. In a few easy steps, you can “candify” your face into a Fuzzy Peach, Swedish Berry, Sour Patch Kid or Sour Cherry Blaster and share your sweet mug with your friends and followers. You know, Justin Bieber may have his own wax figure, but he’s no Maynards candy face!
Check it out here!


7 Days til @PetiteFeetSale

What is the difference between style and trend?  Trend is something that is oh so popular this season… Here is a great example.

Animal print aka Leopard delight is really trendy this season. You are seeing everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Payless shoes. Trend is something that is really hot right now but may not be a great investment piece. These are from Sam Edelman

Style is something that is timeless and a classic. Like the blush pink bow flats. Those shoes are either your style or not your style, nevermind trends. These are from Franco Sarto.

To be a smart shopper at the Petite Feet Sale, you must figure out if you are going from trend shoes or style shoes. I tend to go for a balance of both. Maybe 70% trend and 30% classic style ones.

Remember not to wear complicated shoes so you can try on as many pairs as possible. Bring a friend and make sure you grab all the ones you like, THEN try them on and then buy the ones you really must must must have!

7 days til the SALE! See you there! Follow @PetiteFeetSale



Manifesto LOVE

On Sunday, hundreds of people including myself were treated to many hours of live entertainment and other awesome activites during Manifesto’s all day “super” block-party. The weather was so nice, and the good vibes were definitely floating around as we watched Dundas Square transform into a multidisciplinary urban arts playground; featuring live performances by some of Canada’s musical legends, emerging talent, not to mention the handful of international guests. There were also tonnes of vendors, a bboy/bgirl open dance floor, lots of good food, workshops, and so much more! If you weren’t there, you totally missed out. I was bummed that I missed the First Look Cypher (heard it was awesome), but I’m glad I was able to catch the rest of the performances, cause they were dope!

Fresco P and Shannon Boodram

Watching these artists turn plain new era snap-backs into works of art was awesome!

hey ladies!

Champstiles Chains. So dope. I need some.

Great performance by Narcicyst.

Everybody came out to show L-O-V-E!

SonReal graced the stage.

Open Canvas. So much fun.

KJ always puts on a good show!

The One Clothing was there!

LIWI was there, and I totally got hooked up with a dope tee and hoodie!

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance by The Lytics

88 Days baby!!

GlassHearts. Gimme everything!

Stalley (Ohio/ Maybach Music)- They love him in Toronto!

Times Neue Roman gave us a good show!

More people showing their love and support for Manifesto!

Serious dance performance by the All-Styles Council

Pretty ladies 🙂

Ooloo Clothing was there. Love that shirt. “I’m not a hater, I just don’t like you” ha ha ha

More L-O-V-E.

Heartbeats T.O was there!

I can’t wait for next year, I plan to get into ALL the Manifesto activites!

Congratulations on 5 years of Manifesto, and a big thanks to everybody that made this years Manifesto Festival extra special!

**videos coming soon!**

peace and love



@UniqloUSA Heat Tech Knit Shorts

My current obsession and favorite thing I bought is…. the Uniqlo Heattech Knit Shorts.

They are so absolutely cute to wear with tights and boots and a chunky sweater. Perfect transition into fall. LOVE it.

The HeatTech range is great for layering up and being stylish. The uniquely developed HeatTech fabric includes a rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat.

Best of all, they are $12.90!
I might be wearing these every single day to make sure I have a hot booty 🙂

PS: my laptop and iPad covers are from GelaSkins – It says “Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth”