Maynards is looking for YOU!

Ever wish you could have your face immortalized in candy deliciousness? Well here’s your chance to get that perfect pucker and sweet smile ready…

Maynards, Canada’s #1 candy maker, is on the look out to find the first-ever face that they will be turning into their next candy!

HEYDOYOU readers are invited to ‘Make Your Face a Maynards’ on the Maynards Canada Facebook Page – morphing fabulous facial features into virtual candy caricatures for the chance to enter to actually BECOME Maynards next delicious edible treat. In a few easy steps, you can “candify” your face into a Fuzzy Peach, Swedish Berry, Sour Patch Kid or Sour Cherry Blaster and share your sweet mug with your friends and followers. You know, Justin Bieber may have his own wax figure, but he’s no Maynards candy face!
Check it out here!

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