A Fun Vocabulary Test?

Zynga With Friends is a company that has created the popular game, “Words With Friends”. They have also created “Chess With Friends” and “Hanging With Friends”. Founded by a pair of brothers and a friend, they are a mobile game development company in Texas.

“Word With Friends” is freakishly addicting and it’s even more fun when you’re playing with people you know. It’s like scrabble but you can play it on Facebook, your phone, iTouch, etc. I have a few games going on now, with both strangers and friends…I get super competitive and find ways to get the “DW” and “TW” blocks, where I can get double word and triple word points. Oh, and it’s free!

They have over 2 millions ‘likes’ on Facebook and you can ‘follow’ them on Twitter.

Who else plays this game?!

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