E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick Swatches and Review

I recently purchased a few mineral lipsticks from @askelf. My verdict is… I LOVE them! I bought three colors.

They’re super smooth and glide on easily. What I love most is how pigmented they are. I’ve read some reviews of people saying they aren’t true to color but they’re pretty spot on to me. The only one that might be a little off from its swatch color on the website would be “Prime Plum” but they’re all gorgeous colors. All three colors I got were pretty matte except for a hint of shimmer in the “Prime Plum” (hardly detectable though).

with flash

without flash

For $5 a piece these are amazing lipsticks. I’ve been wearing them for the last few weeks alone or over a little nude lip liner and it stays put for hours (long lasting like it says it is). If I’m at work all day it’ll pretty much stay on from morning until I get home at night. I didn’t expect a “mineral” lipstick to give such good color pay off and to last so long but it definitely makes my list of top favorite lipsticks. You can’t get much better than a $5 long wear, non-drying lipstick. The packaging is square and black… super clean and simple. Another random thing I like about this lipstick (kinda weird) is the shape and size of the lipstick bullet. I feel like the way it’s shaped at the top allows me to apply the product without worrying about painting smearing outside my lip line and without having to really line my lips. When I’m in a hurry I use the point of the lipstick to line my lips before I apply the lipstick. Gives you a thicker more opaque layer arounds your lips (making your lips look fuller) and because the formula is on the thicker, creamier side it prevents it from bleeding around your lips.

Overall I give this lipstick a 5 out of 5. Maybe I just happened to pick the perfect colors for me but I absolutely love them! I can actually say these are currently my favorite ones. My only wish is that they came in more colors like a red or a wine color THEN it would be my perfect lipstick 🙂


xo, June 🙂

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