7 Days til @PetiteFeetSale

What is the difference between style and trend?  Trend is something that is oh so popular this season… Here is a great example.

Animal print aka Leopard delight is really trendy this season. You are seeing everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Payless shoes. Trend is something that is really hot right now but may not be a great investment piece. These are from Sam Edelman

Style is something that is timeless and a classic. Like the blush pink bow flats. Those shoes are either your style or not your style, nevermind trends. These are from Franco Sarto.

To be a smart shopper at the Petite Feet Sale, you must figure out if you are going from trend shoes or style shoes. I tend to go for a balance of both. Maybe 70% trend and 30% classic style ones.

Remember not to wear complicated shoes so you can try on as many pairs as possible. Bring a friend and make sure you grab all the ones you like, THEN try them on and then buy the ones you really must must must have!

7 days til the SALE! See you there! Follow @PetiteFeetSale


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