Posts Written On September 14, 2011

I ♥ My Metro Man

Gone are the days of college boyfriend sweatshirts and beer pong ‘dates’. These days, the men we date can talk about salvage denim, the hand of the fabric and exfoliating their skin. The Metro Man is the new Renaissance Man with an American Express and a love for luxe everything. Such practical beings they are, looking for the best quality product and comparing marketing prices. We shop aimlessly, falling for the little ribbon bow or a sparkly Swarovski detail, yet the Metro Man looks at ingredients, claims and results. Dating this man is no easy task. With his perfect lips moisturized with Lip Agent and his perfect recall of your favorite dessert, you are almost defenseless.

He likes his Tocca candles and his apartment to be just so. He can romance you all night and still be ready for his 10 o’clock. I know his secret because I have used it too. The Metro Man raises the bar to level perfectly with your Louboutin Daffodils. What’s not to love? Good thing you are perfect just the way you are.

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@UniqloUSA – The Stylist Tent Event

The Stylist Tent Sale at Hester Street Fair is back!  This year, UNIQLO has partnered with The Hester Street Fair who’ll be making their Pop Up Cubes at home at HSF and the LES for the entire weekend of September 17-18, to truly make this the biggest shopping event of the season.
Stylists, designers, retailers and fashion insiders will be tagging and dropping off their precious goods, and the Hester Street Fair team is selling it for them, passing on the incredible savings to you!  For one day only, Sunday, September 18th, you get to raid some of New York’s finest closets—think of all those photos shoots, editor’s closets and sample sale finds that you’ll finally have access to!
The Stylist Tent Event will bring over 40 Fashion Insiders under one roof on Sunday, September 18th, with plenty of food from 20 vendors to fuel that shopping madness.  Plus, Santos Party House will be in charge of live music, to set the mood right.  It’s a full on Fall Fashion Fling!   Gates open at 10am.

WHO: Uniqlo Presents The Hester Street Fair Stylist Tent Event
WHAT: Over 40 stylists, editors, designers, retailers will be participating in the biggest “tag sale” the LES has ever seen.
They tag it, drop it off and HSF sells it for them. PLUS over 20 food vendors will be fueling the shopping frenzy. Santos Party House will be in charge of mood music, with live DJ’s rotating all day.
WHEN: Sunday, September 18th, 2011 (10a-6p) Uniqlo Pop Up Cube will be at HSF the entire weekend September 17-18th.
WHERE: Hester Street Fair (Corner of Hester/Essex). F to East Broadway, FJMZ to Delancey.


Vicks Nature Fusion

Yesterday after a crazy, extended birthday weekend, I woke up with the dreaded scratchy throat and stuffy nose.  I could not believe I was getting a cold–in the summer, no less!  First of all, it’s basically unheard of for me to get sick at all, and second, I have way too much going on this week to be sick. How could this be?  Well, no time for moping…

I was fortunate to have a stash of medicine on standby from the Vicks Nature Fusion product launch I went to back in August.  I had been planning to tell you all about the new product line closer to cold and flu season, but in an unforeseen change of events I’ve found myself in the position of product reviewer!

The Nature Fusion line is gluten free, dye free, and contains real honey!!  It comes in liquid and capsule form.  I’ve been taking the Nature Fusion Cold & Flu capsules and I was delighted by the delicious taste.  Let’s face it–no one likes to take pills, but these tasted like they were literally dipped in honey!! I also have the Nature Fusion Cough & Chest Congestion liquid medicine on hand and I can’t imagine how yummy and comforting that tastes, but I don’t have a cough and I hope that I won’t need to taste it!! 🙂

Of course taste doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get relief from your symptoms–but I must say, Vicks did the job.  I slept through the night (thanks to Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu), and I’ve been doing well so far today (back on the Nature Fusion capsules).



Check out the entire product lineup.


kisses, Olisa