Posts Written On September 12, 2011

My Weekend with @Ford Explorer

Hectic weekends need more horsepower, technology and swagg 🙂  I was so lucky to drive the new Red Candy 2012 Ford Explorer all weekend.

Remember when I went to the Ford Conference in Detroit? Well our friend Rhonda was sweet enough to be hooking bloggers up that Ford experience all over Toronto. It was a huge weekend, very busy, lots to do for a massive wedding! My sister getting married means me running around for 72 hours. Here is the sweet ride.

The Ford Explorer is fun to drive! So many condo parking lots with tight spots… but not too hard for me!

Easy to park because it has a camera in the back. It beeps when something is too close and has a green, yellow and red warning scale.

Shiny Grill and bright fog lights

The fuel economy was great too. Driving from downtown to Scarborough to Markham back Downtown and back to Scarborough, we hardly used 1/2 a tank of gas.

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