Posts Written On September 06, 2011

Va$htie, an inspiration and leader who knows what she wants in life.

Vashtie Kola was born and raised in Albany, NY to Trinidadian immigrant parents, and now resides in New York City. She is a success, known for as an Artist, a Creative Director, Music Video Director, and Party Promoter.  Her nickname is “Downtown Sweetheart” and that she definitely is.  A question to ask her is what doesn’t she do? She has directed music videos for artists such as Kid Cudi, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and more. If that isn’t enough Vashtie also owns a clothing line, Violette.

As a director, a designer, and a party promoter, Vashtie pursued all her dreams and doesn’t just stop there.  She believes in those who aren’t afraid of showing how they truly feel. Her type of environment is where everyone is welcome. No barriers. Do you, be you, come together, and have fun!

Violette, her own line, is a mix of everything you can think of from hip-hop and rock and casual and couture, for example. It debuted in Fall 2008 and has gone global in countries such as in France and Japan!

Be inspired today by this beautiful Downtown Sweetheart! Here is Vashtie on Facebook and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter. Her channel on YouTube is something to check out as well! 🙂