Stay Smooth All Summer Long With VEET

I don’t know about you, but I’m very accident-prone and I try to dodge any at-home treatments. But VEET‘s new wax strips and hair removal cream is so fool-proof you wouldn’t be able to screw this up even if you tried.

Veet® Hair Removal Cream with Hydro’RestorTM works in as little as three minutes to deliver smoothness that lasts up to twice as long as shaving. But more importantly, it comes with a pump so you’re not stuck squeezing out a tube with creamy hands. There’s even a cute blade-less shaver to help remove the cream along with those unwanted hairs. This can’t get any easier!

Three dermatologically tested variants are available:
• Butter and Lily for Dry Skin (200ml – $9.49 and 400ml – $16.99)
• Aloe Vera Sensitive Formula (200ml – $9.49 and 400ml – $16.99)
• Suprem’ Essence with Velvet Rose and Essential Oils (200ml $9.49 and 400ml – $16.99)

The new Veet® New EasyGripTM Ready-to- Use Wax Strips for Legs and Body are made for skeptical wax noobs that only get this done when on a super important date. Rub the strip to warm up the wax, peel and slap it on your skin. Then let it rip! The best part about this is you can use both sides of the wax strip (one on either leg) and this process is over in less than 5 minutes. On top of it, it comes with disposable wipes that remove any excess wax while moisturizing your skin with essential oils. Genius!

Three dermatological tested varieties are available:
• Aloe Vera for Dry Skin (20 strips $13.99 and 40 strips – $16.99)
• Vitamin E and Almond for Sensitive Skin (20 strips $13.99 and 40 strips – $16.99)
• Suprem’ Essence with Velvet Rose and Essential Oils (18 strips – $13.99 and 36 strips $16.99)

This might actually make me go bare-legged in the winter. Are you going to try out VEET’s new hair removal collection? Follow me @missamandachen and tell me all about it!

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