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Earlier this week my mom and I paid a visit to @LaserAway in Sherman Oaks. We were invited to check out the office and their services. First off I just want to say how I love the decor of the Sherman Oaks office (not sure if they’re all the same). It was cute, simple, and classy. We were greeted by Janelle who was super helpful in getting us started with filling out info and ready to go for our appointment. My mom and I loved that the appointment started right on time; rarely happens at doctor’s offices now of any kind (in my opinion).

meet Janelle 🙂

My mom had decided to get a series of botox injections in her forehead for a little lift of the eyebrows. My mom’s gotten botox a few times before but she said that, Krystle, the nurse, did an awesome job targeting the right spots. AND she said it wasn’t painful at all (shocked me). It’s been about 2 days since my mom’s gotten it done and she likes it so far! 🙂 My mom and I have already decided we’ll be back for more… her to maintain the wrinkle free skin and me for some laser hair removal.

Just a tidbit about LaserAway and the doctor behind it:

Dr. Winston LaserAway originated in Rancho Mirage, California and specializes in the removal of tattoos, unwanted hair and sun damage. Our trained specialists use the latest cutting-edge laser technology to remove your unwanted tattoo in comfort and at reasonable prices. The staff at LaserAway is committed to making your procedure as comfortable as possible. Our staff and our California-licensed and registered nurses are highly trained professionals who are certified in Laser procedures. We use state-of-the-art lasers and the newest techniques. Roy S. Winston, M.D. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Roy S. Winston has been practicing medicine for over eighteen years. He specializes in Laser cosmetic procedures. Dr. Winston is a leading authority on using the Laser to reverse the effects of the sun on skin all over the body and of course, laser hair removal. Dr. Winston has been on the staff of some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals, and a professor at The University of California at Irvine and Emory University. He also served as Clinical Director at both of these institutions. He has received extensive training in the use of Lasers for plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. Currently Dr. Winston also teaches Laser surgery techniques to other physicians and nurses. In 1997 Dr. Winston was appointed to The Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners by the Governor, where he served as Vice-president and President Elect until coming to California. He worked with the legislature to create and modify healthcare policy. Dr. Winston was charged with the responsibility of credentialing, licensing, investigating, and disciplining the physicians’ assistants, paramedics, and other healthcare personnel. Dr. Winston currently consults and performs surgery in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

LaserAway has a whopping 11 locations in Southern and Central California. You’re bound to find one  near you! They do Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Thermage. They also sell Latisse if you’re looking for long beautiful lashes. With laser hair removal being so popular nowadays, I DEFINITELY recommend it…. changes your life! LaserAway is always having great deals going on so give them a call at any location to get more info.

Locations are:

Marina Del Rey – 310.823.2929

Santa Monica – 310.393.2929

San Diego – 619.295.2929

West Hollywood – 310.385.8329

Sherman Oaks – 818.377.7200

Carlsbad – 760.929.9944

Orange County – 949.548.2929

Lake Forest – 949.455.2929

San Fransisco – 415.563.7300

Walnut Creek – 925.937.2929

San Jose – 408.248.2929

So whether you’re looking to go hairless, get some Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Thermage, or get a tattoo removed, call LaserAway 🙂 Mention hearing about them from HeyDoYou and I’m sure they’ll give you an even better deal! Let me know if your experiences are as good as ours 🙂

PS… buy a package for your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, best friend, frenemy, etc… and she’ll LOVE it 🙂


Looking for Something?

DoAT is a new iPhone app that promises to deliver a different kind of search experience.  The app lets you personalize your search, allowing you to find content the way you want to find it.


I downloaded the app to check it out…and I’d like to call it a 3D search experience.  Instead of turning up a list of search results, it gives you a list of categories, allowing you to select the direction you want to go.

For example, in my search of “Hurricane Irene” I could choose to see results in social media, reference, weather, etc.  So, if I wanted to see the latest buzz on the impending storm I would select “social.”  Then I can swipe through search results from various social media mobile apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare and so on.  And there’s no need to actually download any of the apps.

This app definitely makes is easier to customize your results and get exactly what you’re looking for.  The “swipe” interface is unique, practical, and fun to work with.  Also, there’s a sense of discovery as you are introduced to sites you may not have used before.

Tip: Get the app at the App Store while it’s still free!

For more information about DoAT, visit:


kisses, Olisa


SNAPI Giveaway

Make your Kitchen Happy has come up with a new product. It’s a one hand snapi kind of serving item. It looks just like this!

They say it’s perfect for salads, pasta and veggies. I think it’s perfect for dog food too!  This is a cute housewarming gift!

Kinda reminds me of

If you want to win a ‘kiwi green’ SNAPI, just LIKE their Facebook page and I will pick a winner this week!

Happy Snapi!


Check Her Out @SkyFerreira – New Music

This 19-year-old is the new generation of edgy pop. She’s Ellie Goulding meets Adele meets Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. She has a few original songs and a few covers as well.  She’s signed with EMI Records with her EP out now called “As If!” LOVE LOVE LOVE her covers. Check a few of them out below.


Happy Dre


Animal (Miike Snow cover)

This girl’s doing awesome things making great music. Keep your eyes peeled for her in the future 🙂


ZeroGravity Accessories

They are the accessories with Attitude. ZeroGravity is based out of California, these 2 guys have been able to set their product apart from the plethora of iProducts out there!  There are so many things in our daily lives that can relate to these pieces, retro calculator, french fries, ketchup, manila envelopes and Michael Jackson.

Here are some of my favs.

Dali Skull

Drink up

Holy Bible Wallet

For more info, get at Shawn or Tyler at


@Xocolatti in Soho

NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 24, 2011:  Xocolatti, the standout star of the 2010 Chocolate Show, proudly announces the opening of their inaugural shop in the heart of Soho this September.  Shaineal Shah, the 23-year-old visionary behind the brand, launched a highly successful online presence two years ago. His goal was to create a brand for chocolate connoisseurs that was respectful of the heritage of fine chocolates, but also offered an innovative and artistic experience.



 De-Spec’s design concept for the 150sf space lies in eliminating the traditional barriers of a storefront and creating a vitrine-like space that seamlessly integrates with the streetscape. Inside, each wall features a custom-designed, floor-to-ceiling bronze shelving system that acts as both storage and display for the iconic green and brown chocolate boxes. The resulting design is bold, graphic and sophisticated.


Shaineal chose the name xocolatti (choco-latti) because it is a creative twist on the Aztec word xocolātl (cacao), which the ancients believed to be a food of the gods and was a luxury reserved for royalty.  He personally selects each ingredient and creates the taste palate for unmatched quality. Xocolatti’s handmade, artful chocolates include:



Containing single-origin chocolates and made with only the freshest ingredients with no additives or preservatives, each truffle is exquisitely hand-painted or hand-coated. One standout is the Sake Truffle Special Edition, a rich and unusual fusion of sake and dark chocolate.



A combination of eclectic ingredients and chocolate in delicious sheets studded with such eclectic flavors and textures as handmade almond nougatine, Persian pistachios, saffron, and rose petals. mango paprika and mixed nut saffron chikki are standouts.



These free-form confections use exotic mixtures of nuts and fruits and enrobe them in decadent chocolate to create such  combinations aspomegranate woodbury and almond roche.


After extensive research at some of Italy’s finest gelaterias, Shaineal fell in love with the taste and texture of true gelato. Xocolatti’s authentic gelato is made from premium ingredients, including the freshest fruits and non-homogenized milk from local farms. New flavors will be introduced on a seasonal basis.


“My family has been in the luxury jewelry business for many generations, so it’s no coincidence that the chocolates resemble sparkling jewels,” Shaineal explains. 

The Xocolatti shop is designed not only for local connoisseurs, but to be a destination for chocolate lovers from all over the world.


172 Prince Street

New York, NY