Posts Written On August 24, 2011

@Xocolatti in Soho

NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 24, 2011:  Xocolatti, the standout star of the 2010 Chocolate Show, proudly announces the opening of their inaugural shop in the heart of Soho this September.  Shaineal Shah, the 23-year-old visionary behind the brand, launched a highly successful online presence two years ago. His goal was to create a brand for chocolate connoisseurs that was respectful of the heritage of fine chocolates, but also offered an innovative and artistic experience.



 De-Spec’s design concept for the 150sf space lies in eliminating the traditional barriers of a storefront and creating a vitrine-like space that seamlessly integrates with the streetscape. Inside, each wall features a custom-designed, floor-to-ceiling bronze shelving system that acts as both storage and display for the iconic green and brown chocolate boxes. The resulting design is bold, graphic and sophisticated.


Shaineal chose the name xocolatti (choco-latti) because it is a creative twist on the Aztec word xocolātl (cacao), which the ancients believed to be a food of the gods and was a luxury reserved for royalty.  He personally selects each ingredient and creates the taste palate for unmatched quality. Xocolatti’s handmade, artful chocolates include:



Containing single-origin chocolates and made with only the freshest ingredients with no additives or preservatives, each truffle is exquisitely hand-painted or hand-coated. One standout is the Sake Truffle Special Edition, a rich and unusual fusion of sake and dark chocolate.



A combination of eclectic ingredients and chocolate in delicious sheets studded with such eclectic flavors and textures as handmade almond nougatine, Persian pistachios, saffron, and rose petals. mango paprika and mixed nut saffron chikki are standouts.



These free-form confections use exotic mixtures of nuts and fruits and enrobe them in decadent chocolate to create such  combinations aspomegranate woodbury and almond roche.


After extensive research at some of Italy’s finest gelaterias, Shaineal fell in love with the taste and texture of true gelato. Xocolatti’s authentic gelato is made from premium ingredients, including the freshest fruits and non-homogenized milk from local farms. New flavors will be introduced on a seasonal basis.


“My family has been in the luxury jewelry business for many generations, so it’s no coincidence that the chocolates resemble sparkling jewels,” Shaineal explains. 

The Xocolatti shop is designed not only for local connoisseurs, but to be a destination for chocolate lovers from all over the world.


172 Prince Street

New York, NY



Thursday – The Weeknd

Thank God for twitter… lol!

… The Weeknd has a new mixtape called Thursday, released last Thursday on the site! Exciteeeeed since I’ve blown House of Balloons (the last mix) out on repeat, I’m sure there are grooves in the cd at this point! Needless to say, I’m listening as I type and so far so good, to none of my surprise. Find the download below. Of course you’ll hear the melodic, eerie, indie, urban sound from the last album, with its own vibe… I’m obsessed with the drumroll!  You’ll catch a verse from Drake on a track called The Zone, of course you’ll hear plenty about love and much about sex… “Don’t make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me” — try to ignore this! Go… Click ‘Download’ NOW! #xoxo




“We’ve Got Your Back”

NYC designer DBD founded the company Sprayground. At first it was a backpack company for street artists to carry spray cans in. Now many of the backpacks have expressive designs and can be used for many things. It has been voted bag company of the year by MTV and XXL Mag.

Classes are either starting or will start soon so it’s not too late to buy yours! They have stores in NY, California, Massachusetts, NJ, Minnesota, and in other countries like Japan, Italy, Australia, and more. It’s not anywhere near you? You can buy it online! The store listings are located on their website.

Some very cool designs they have are the popular sticker “Hello My Name Is”, Pipe Dream, and Money Stacks. There are many more to check out!

The company also has a limited edition bag, “Graffiti Utility Backpack”, a second-generation “Black Ops” Version 3. It can hold 22 spray cans! If you don’t have any use for spray cans, you can also use this bag to travel, hold equipment, gear, etc.

Follow Sprayground on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook. Check out their YouTube video “Talking Baby”, and others for more of their work! 🙂