Posts Written On August 16, 2011

Melanie Fiona : 4am

Something about Melanie Fiona’s tracks tend to kill me softly, feeling like words from my mind. Somewhere between her melodic voice and relevant content is a place where heart strings are tugged by the tightest of muscles and… Explosion! Here comes another banger! This is obviously not the first time I’ve ever covered Ms. Fiona’s singles, I’m in love with her voice and 100% love and appreciate the recognition that her success is bringing to #Toronto. So press ►, have a listen & talk to me… tell me what gets you ‘feelin’ kinda crazy at 4am’… #xoxo



Why I Love @LimeCrime

Lime Crime Makeup! It is a “real-life fairy tale” for Doe Deere, a New York makeup artist and fashion blogger originally from Russia. Launched in 2008, Doe Deere wanted to create her own line of makeup because what she wanted did not exist! Lime Crime products are not tested on animals and are PETA-certified cruelty-free. You can shop for makeup for your eyes and lips, two essentials every girl needs!

Do you dare to be different? Cause Lime Crime has many different, bright colors of lipstick.

There is a limited edition, MINT TO BE opaque green lipstick. Why not try MY BEAUTIFUL ROCKET, an orange shade Deere made after her grandmother! Lime Crime’s CENTRIFUCHSIA is great too, a bright fuchsia pink color. One last one I would like to mention is their NO SHE DIDN’T opaque blue lipstick. It is a bubblegum blue color where you can where it alone, OR layer over others to create a new shade!


For the eyes, TWILIGHT magic dust eye shadow is a soft-lavender purple color. MEDUSA magic dust is an intense shimmer black, great for the smokey eye look! These eye shadows can also be used as eyeliner. Mix & match the lipsticks and the eye shadows to create your own look!

Check out Lime Crime Makeup on Facebook and do not forget to ‘like’ them for secret sales & discounts! And follow Lime Crime on Twitter!

Order your favorite colors and tell us which ones you like the best!