Posts Written On July 28, 2011

The Prospects

The relationship between HDY and What’ has always been one of mutual love and support that’s why I am so excited to share the next event with all of our HDY readers!

The bowys of WhatsGoodToronto are about to launch their first of many concert/contest series called… The Prospects! Teaming up with Black Leaf clothing, DC Music and The Prospects Media group tomorrow night will bring out some of Toronto’s freshest MC’s!

Come support your city, Toronto… all of the info below! #xoxo



Moving to New York!! :)

Sup World!!!

So growing up in Philadelphia , having family still there and always taking those middle school trip to NYC when i was young, i never thought in my wildest DREAMMMS that i would be moving to New York City in January. This is a decision that i have been thinking and looking into for the past months now to pursue what i would love to do. Will i still be with the team?? DUHHHH!! of course i will be, so i will be searching for someone to bring you all the latest from Austin so you all still get great crazy stories from Austin,TX.

Austin,TX is a great city to live with plenty of things to do, but even when i moved here in 2009, i had plans to see further than i am now. I didn’t know the time frame of when it was going to happen, i jus felt it out and kept my eyes and ears open to other markets in other cities. So im looking forward to realllly pursuing a dream in New York and being apart of the wonderful city. If any of us ever run into each other in New York, jus know im an Eagles fan, but i hate NO NY teams 🙂 :). This post was to give you a heads up in ADVANNNCE! Much love and hope your having a great day..

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