Posts Written On July 21, 2011

@SAGZJeans Model Search

SAGZ Jeans is launching this Fall in NYC and they are looking for active people nationwide to be the first to test them.

Designed in New York City, SAGZ Jeans are designed for the very active guy who wants both style and function. The patented snap buttons allows your jeans to sag perfectly (3 levels) but never fall off while you dance, skate, jump and live your life.

Winners will be announced on Twitter @SAGZJeans

If you want to see if you qualify to try a pair prior to the launch just click here


Blue Jays LOVE

A few weeks ago, a yummy tanned man, walked into my work, and this is how the conversation went…

Me: How come you’re so tan, and it’s not even summer yet? (At the time, Toronto wasn’t hot enough for him to be that tan)

Him: It’s because I’m from Miami.

Me: Oh, so what are you doing in Toronto?

Him: I work at the rogers centre.

Me: Okay, doing what?

Him: Serving water

Me: * wondering when water boys got so damn cute* Okay well have a good day.

Him: *laughs* and leaves.

Ricky Romero, Myself, and J.P Arencibia

After he left, my co-worker runs up to me, and says, “Oh my G-d, do you know who that was?” The expression on my face was a clear indication that I had no idea what he was talking about. Long story short, it was Toronto Blue Jays catcher, J.P Arencibia. The next time he came into my work, I didn’t hesitate to call him out on his lie, and told him the only way he could make it up to me; was to take a picture with me 🙂

Fun times.

peace, love and health


Did you know? As of June 4 2011, Arencibia leads all major league rookies with 9 home runs, which is already a Blue Jays club record, surpassing the previous record of five, shared by Pat Borders (1988) and Greg Myers (1990).


Friends with Benefits

Last night I went to see this new Justin Timberlake romantic comedy and it was pretty much what I expected. It is always fun to watch New York movies while living in NY because you recognize neighborhoods and landmarks 🙂  The double bonus in this flick is that it was also shot in LA… and I also recognized those hot spots too.  Mila Kunis plays that ‘cool’ girl who is heartless and Clooney like. Only to be fragile and fairy tale romancing like so many big city girls.  This movie made me appreciate my boyfriend a lot a lot a lot. Thank God we are both beyond that ego bull#* and ready for intense loving. But I digress.

The jist of the story is pretty much given away in the preview and with cool scenes of JT’s body, a crazy beautiful ‘NY condo’ and flash mob dancing… it really was just a lite-hearted little movie.

I give it 3 stars 🙂  It comes out this Friday.

Let me know what you think!