Posts Written On July 04, 2011

Mystery Guy #11

I see ya. Walking to work 34 blocks twice a day is one of my favorite things to do.  Some people just catch your eye, the way a piece of glass might shimmer under a shallow beach. Oh the way the sun makes you sparkle!  The thing about you that inspires me so much is the way you stand out from the crowd.  You are walking amongst us but you are not one of us.

I knew it.


My First Plank!


Sup world :),

Ok i admit it, at first i was really against folk taking photos of themselves planking in the most random places. But then i had a moment yesterday where i saw risk and i do mean HUGE risk and went with it.

So i was hangn at the pool yesterday at this hotel because my boy was in town, mind you the pool is on the 8th floor!! I look over and see this railing that is on the edge of the hotel. If you were to go to the edge and look down onto the street, well lets just say its a helluva long way down :). So i Plank with my face upward on this railing but as i lay down, i almost fall over the railing which possibly meant me dying, but i suddenly grabbed back on and laid down and my boy took this photo of me planking overlooking Downtown Austin. #PlankON!!!!