Posts Written On July 01, 2011

@LuckyMagazine Summer Social

The lady who threw the event! Annie Greenberg of Lucky Magazine

Fellow Bloggers!I ventured down to the East side for the Lucky Magazine Summer Jam blogger event 🙂  There were lots of bloggers, the Bumby’s and tons of food. It was really nice to connect faces to email addresses and Twitter handles.  Here are some photos. Enjoy… Can’t wait for the next one.

The Bumby’s give you honest fashion appraisals on vintage typewriters. They are from Brooklyn so you know they keep it real. I got a 9.0 i’m happy with that. This duo is awesome for parties and to shake up some people. You know, the kind that worries so much about how they are perceived by others.

See the rest of the pics here


Poolside with @VineyardVines

Ay bay bay 🙂

Soooo i wore a Vineyard Vines polo las night and only person commented on my shirt,i was suprised bein that they have no Vinyard Vine stores here :). Don’t know what Vinyard Vines is? Don’t worry im new on game also :). Its basically Preppy Clothing for Men and Women and even clothing for the little ones. They dont have a stor here in Austin or i would be all over it! Guess ordering clothing from them offline is all i can do for now :>\.

I  like the little whale they use on the shirt, my guess is they use it cince most of the stores are in coastal areas in New England.

Oh by the way there is no way i would wear these shorts below :)…

I would never wear these shorts though :),other than that i rock wit Check em out…Im goin Preppy all Summer 🙂

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