Posts Written On June 25, 2011

Gay New York

A huge celebration last night in West Village and all around NYC at the legalization of Gay marriage and the rights to freely love and be loved.

Timely and not a coincidence – Just days before Pride Parade, NYC is gayer than ever YIPEE!  Of course, Gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005 (4th country in the world) but now NYC being the 6th place.

So happy and excited to celebrate.  It’s been a long time coming and those who never had to fight for their love whether by orientation, race or age… will never understand but I do!  Happy Pride and lots of love.

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Royal & Langnickel Event – IMATS Weekend

This afternoon the @RoyalLangnickel media event kicked off the festivities of IMATS this weekend! The “royal treatment” filled afternoon at the Sheraton in Pasadena included makeovers by @Glamcor, manicures, super yummy snacks and cupcakes, and a lovely presentation by Royal & Langnickel brushes.


Royal & Langnickel have just revamped their website to include a pro section (members only) where you can create your own account and find tutorials, tips and tricks, updates, and much more. Make sure you sign up on their site!

At IMATS this weekend, they will be launching their newest, most innovative brush collection, SILK. Royal & Langnickel produces brushes of high quality and great craftsmanship. They “don’t slap their name on just any brushes” as said by Kevin James Bennett, Makeup guru and “product junkie”, who was speaking at the event explained. The people at Royal brushes are creating brushes that work for the everyday makeup lover to pros… paving the way for the future of all makeup brushes! I thought it was so cool that they’ve added QR codes to their the packaging of the brushes that’ll take to you a how-to and give you info on each brush! How convenient is that!


Me, Missy, Krissy, and Sara (left to right)

Vargas and his awesome live body paintings

“Pose for me please” 🙂

SOOOO YUMMY Dots Cupcakes!

Thanks for doing my makeup @Glamcor 🙂

and yay for my pretty manicure!

So fun spending the afternoon at the event with fellow beauty bloggers, brands, and of course the people of Royal & Langnickel.

IMATS all day tomorrow and Sunday! Can’t wait 🙂 If you’re there make sure you check out their booth, booth #301!


xo, June