Posts Written On June 13, 2011

Diamonds on my neck

Kelis is no doubt one of my favorite style icons of all time. I could not get her lyrics out of my head today. Diamonds on my neck, diamond on my grill… I’m bossy! There is no question why that diamonds are the girl’s best friend. I was browsing to see some of my favorite pieces.  Can’t wait to spend 30k on jewelry on a causal Tuesday afternoon.

Dear Prince Charming…How bout some sparkly birthday diamond bracelets from Birks for me?  Thanks. Love Yvonne




Gardening in bottle caps is a fun concept that’s well-suited to urban settings, but consumers interested in growing more substantial crops might be better off with Whirligro instead. Targeting those with limited growing space, Whirligro uses spiral-shaped tubes to elevate food crops off the ground and enable greater production.

Designed primarily for fast-growing leaf crops, Whirligro uses durable, transportable growing tubes that can each hold three plants. Each Whirligro unit, in turn, holds 10 tubes spiraling around a central post, offering the combined ability to grow 30 plants in an area smaller than one meter by one meter. Plants grow through holes in the plastic tubing, reducing any weeding requirements to a bare minimum; because the plants are off the ground, meanwhile, pests tend not to be a problem, the device’s Scottish maker says. Watering can be done by hand or with a small drip irrigation system. Pricing for the Whirligro ranges from GBP 55 to GBP 140, depending on size.

No end in sight to the urban gardening trend. Who will help bring the Whirligro to urban farmers in your neck of the woods?


I love this idea!  What a great way to make use of small spaces. I bet this will be everywhere by 2020.


@TheDovesStudio – Santa Monica

Yesterday, my mom and I attended a bloggers’ pampering event at The Doves Studio in Santa Monica. It was lots of fun! Great blowouts, makeovers, and manis!

My awesome hair stylist Eddie! (before my blowout)

After 🙂

Getting my Orly Gel FX manicure


Had a great afternoon with my mom getting glammed 🙂 They had some amazing giveaways for HairDreams extensions, pilates classes, facials, Raen Optics sunglasses, and lots more.

If you’re ever in the LA/Santa Monica area or if you’re looking for a new place to get your hair done check out them out.

The Doves Studio

2000 Main Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405



xo, June 🙂