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Video LOVE:10 years STRONG

Shay and I were among the MANY people, that came out to support and celebrate 10 exciting years of Maxamus Entertainment, this past weekend. You know the ladies were definitely in the building, as Mr. Chocolatey Goodness himself, Tyrese, was the host for the evening…mm mm MM. If you live in Toronto, or have visited Toronto in the last 10 years, then you’ve probably been to a Maxamus event. It was a star-studded night, with lots of good vibes… I mean LOTS… the placed was rammed. A big congratulations and thank you to Taj and the rest of the Maxamus team, for keeping Toronto more than entertained, these last 10 years!

peace and love



Year of 9th Wonder


In spirit of this upcoming weekend’s Pioneer DJ Stylus Awards in Toronto, I feel this video comes from a relevant home. LRG presents: 9th Wonder, “The Wonder Year” Documentary.

This piece follows one full year in the life of Grammy award winner, North Carolina native, hip hop producer, DJ, University Lecturer, and Rapper, Patrick Douthit… better known as 9th Wonder.

Beginning his career as producer for hip hop group Little Brother, and since leaving the group in 2007, 9th has also worked with Mary J Blige, Jean Grey, Weezy, Wale, Jay-Z, Drake, Erykah Badu… and the list continues. 9th’s production style has been known to sample greats like Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. Throughout the video 9th takes us through the neighborhood where he grew up, introduces us to his craft and verbalizes the mind state that creates hits and wins awards.

I’m so excited for this video to drop and while the release date is still yet to be announced, word is that one will need to vote the showing in your city. Peep the trailer below.


SHA MONEY XL SPEAKS ON 9TH WONDER from Pricefilms on Vimeo.


@occmakeup Giveaway

You know I am obsessed with OCC Liptar but honestly how many can I have before the “Beauty Horders Police” come get me??  So here we go!

Win the OCC Lo-Fi Collection: Flicker, Heroic (Loose Color) + Katricia + NSFW (Liptar)

To Win: Tweet @heydoyou + @occmakeup the name of the creator of OCC and the city he lives in

Good luck 🙂


@Absolutvodka_us Thirsty Thursday


As the weather warms up and summer nights make you giggle uncontrollably… I have recently decided to mentally prepare for my life as a full time wifey… with the entertaining skills to match. As you know, these skills don’t come overnight nor is there a Youtube tutorial on how-to-be. It take a lifetime of being spoiled, going to endless events to hone in on the ‘art of entertaining’.

First up, how to shake up a mean cocktail. I envision my life with mi amour to be filled with dinner parties, hosting international guests and evenings filled with clinking, laughing and happy murmurs. Umm.. maybe not so soon but I guess we can start with learning a few fancy recipes.


  • 1 Part Simple Syrup
  • 1 Part Lemon Juice
  • 4 Whole Blueberry
  • 1 Wedge Lemon

How to mix this cocktail

Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with lemon and

Je m’appelle ABSOLUT BLUES 🙂


Lake Travis Weekend! :)

Sup Cool World :),

Hope everyone has something really fun planned for Memorial Day weekend but if ya don’t, you can always come kick it wit me, i dont bite :). Im gonna be goin to a place where magic happens and that magical place is called Lake Travis, Lake Travis is a man made reservoir that was built in 1942 by the construction of the Mansfeild Damn on the Western Edge of Austin, Texas. But thats probably more info than you actually wanted to know ;), bottom line this Lake goes hard on Memorial Day weekend.

Folk usually just come out and tie their boats up and become extra social, i guess grown up beverages will create that type of moment, not that i would know anything about that ;). There is NOOO shortage of meeting all types of people…

Not to mention the Sunset looks beautiful when its all said and done.

If you cant make it to Lake Travis this weekend, i will leave youi with this post card of Lake travis :). Have a great and Blessed weekend, Much love!