Music Eh!!! Gina Lee “Rich Boy”

I love, love, love opening my email to new fresh music talent. I love hearing new Canadian talent… so when I got this Ms. in my inbox I was like YAY!!! First of all the beat of this song is a-m-a-z-i-n-g… Another thing, Gina Lee is beautiful, fresh, new and she’s content in her skin. Plus, she can sing!!!! I want a rich boy… ooh…..

Here’s her new single:

Drop her some l-o-v-e on her twitter: @IamGinaLee
Also drop by her youtube page to listen to more music…

P.S. Her new EP “The Preview” will be dropping soon, so stay tuned!!!!

make sure to smile everyone, life’s too short:)
xo Tanya

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