Posts Written On May 30, 2011

Fabulous Finds at the Clothing Show

Hey ya’ll

One of the great things about summer approaching is the spring/summer clothing show in Toronto, held at the Queen Elizabeth Building in the EX grounds.

I was there all weekend and I stumbled across so many lovely boutiques and booths, I pretty much wanted to buy everything!

FOOD – Now I had known Mark Pollard for a few years now and dreamed of his Sprucewood Shortbread cookies and I was so happy to see that they were at the Clothing show!
Many years ago he had come up with the idea that shortbread could be unique, savory snacks. Nowadays in the Sprucewood line Mark has 9 different flavors, my favorites are Maple, Dark chocolate, Lemon Zest and Rosemary Cheese.

Mark’s shortbread cookies were so good that they were featured in the Ontario Pavilion at the Vancouver Olympic Games!! Ever the gentleman Mark said “It’s a great honour for a company our size”
If you have a cocktail party or just a general craving for something delicious, check out Sprucewood Shortbread cookies at fine food shops, grocery stores and regional winery tasting retail rooms. or HERE

FASHION – I feel that feathers in accessory designs are so great and IN right now and it was perfect that I ran into Christine Hart of HartBoutique.
At her booth she had so many different styles of feather earrings and she explained to me that they were all collected from roosters in a humane and dignified way. Now that’s what i call conscious fashion.

Christine, who is just the sweetest person told me that her vision and mission for her company is to “be Gorgeous and be Giving.” A portion of the profits are given to micro-fiance charities so women in developing countries can have the chance to start their own business. Not only are her products beautiful but her mission is something I can definitely support.
So ladies! The next time you see someone walking by with KA POW eye catching feather earrings and you feel that you may want them too… Go and get a pair from HartBoutique and support a great cause!



@ULuvkaVodka or nothing

I discovered 2 beautiful, hypnotic and artful things this week. One is the House of Balloons by the sultry songster who goes by TheWeekndXO from Toronto and the other is U’Luvka Vodka from Poland. They are both extremely special to me: not the way a rainbow makes you smile but more like how a rainy storm makes you feel introspective, calm and content. Beautiful things know no boundaries.

U’Luvka vodka is a catch to one’s eyes. The twisted glass teardrop shaped bottle stands out as a work of art and beauty representing the synergy between male and female, while the ancient alchemical glyph logo combines symbols for man, woman, sun and moon . The alchemical history of the brand can be traced back to the Polish Royal Court of 1606, and these historical values underpin U’Luvka as a “modern brand with ancient roots”.

For U’Luvka is the zenith of ultra premium vodka, inspired by the 17th Century Polish Royal Court. In 1603 King Sigismund III of Poland commissioned the famous alchemist Sendivogius to develop a vodka of the finest purity and quality that could be enjoyed by his royal court all night long, yet leaving them feeling good with just pleasant memories the next day!

But U’Luvka is much more than just gorgeous on the eye • it is probably the most appealing vodka you will ever taste, translated into a deliciously elegant and smooth texture, with fresh and clean floral notes. It’s lightly buttery with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long vibrant grain finish, which will tease and please the most demanding connoisseurs.

Elegance and quality have won U’luvka countless international awards, including ‘Best Vodka’ and ‘Master for Packaging and Design’. Hence U’luvka has a guaranteed special place in the shelves of the swankiest bars, clubs and restaurants in the world. From Ski resorts in the Swiss Alps to the busy trendy cocktail bars in London, U’Luvka is a favourite, shaken or stirred.

So look out for U’Luvka while you’re travelling and propose a toast to ‘Friendship, Love and Pleasure’. U’Luvka is available as a 70cl signature bottle, a magnum, or as a gift set with a pair of traditional ‘legless’ glasses and a cocktail recipe book. Coming soon: Look out for U’Luvka’s Friendship, Love and Pleasure Travel Box containing a 10cl miniature, two legless glasses and cocktail recipe book • the perfect gift!