Posts Written On May 16, 2011

Rain Cosmetics High Roller Mascara


Rain Cosmetics’ High Roller Mascara is a great lengthening mascara with buildable volume. The mascara comes in a cute light blue metallic bottle with a cube-like bottle. The shape makes it easier to hold the brush without it slipping out of your hand. It’s a super smooth formula with a great coarse bristled brush that separates and lengthens my lashes amazingly. My lashes were much longer with just one coat because of how weightless it is. I really love the way the mascara wand comes out so clean because of how small the hole in the bottle is. Perfect so you don’t need to keep wiping the wand off before you use it. Although I didn’t get the thick volume, this mascara is a great one to start with before applying a thickening mascara. That way, you’ll get the length and volume you desire. My lashes were perfect all day and didn’t clump or flake at all. If you’re into the natural, long lashed look I’d definitely recommend this mascara!

You can purchase this mascara online on their website or follow them on twitter @Rain_Cosmetics! Make sure you check out their other products. Rain Cosmetics, the Official Sponsor of Miss USA 2011, has lots of other long wearing products in their line! 🙂

xo, June 🙂

Writer’s Note: This product was sent to me for review by the brand/PR. All reviews on by myself, June Ning, are unpaid and unbiased.


@ApplegateFarms – Yummy in my Tummy

I got this package last week and it was from the people at Applegate. I am familiar with this brand because there are a ton of organic supermarkets in West Village.  I love me some hot dogs and breakfast sausage links and now I found a healthy, humane and junk-free brand. Yipee. I am always curious about brands and always read labels. This media Kit Applegate sent me tells me their story… Here is what it boils down to and that’s why I love them. Straight forward and delicious.

I actually don’t have a preference or knowledge of deli meat. Applegate offers a wide selection of organic and natural deli meats – more than 25 choices – either pre-sliced/packaged or by the pound at the deli counter.  In addition to deli meat, Applegate offers pre-sliced and bulk all-natural cheese, organic and natural hot dogs, sausages and bacon and a variety of frozen meat products like chicken nuggets and beef and turkey burgers. Whether it’s from the deli case or the freezer section, all products are antibiotic-free with no artificial ingredients. I guess because now that I am familiar with Applegate, it will be my brand of choice.

The kit came with a USB with all the company info, a coloring book and some coupons. I am surely gonna redeem them this week! 🙂

Find out more: Changing the Meat America Eats: Organic & Natural – No antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients or chemical nitrites – Humanely Raised – Gluten Free