Posts Written On May 09, 2011

Wearing Dark Fantasy

Kanye West. Can enough be said to describe him?

Set to debut for purchase today (Monday April 9/11) are Kanye West’s limited ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – inspired scarves.

Ballerina. Face. Phoenix. Power. Priest. The titles of each piece of art created by Kanye in collaboration with Parisian graphic design studio, M/M; as well as George Condo, who painted the original art on the album. Unsurprisingly, there are a limited 100 of each silk design at a price tag of $364, to purchase visit or

We can all recall Yeezy’s hiatus when he went into (what seemed like) underground mode, while interning at the fashion house of Fendi. After a sneaker line for Louis Vuitton and his own Pastel clothing line, not to mention his undeniable eye for personal clean lines, its been obvious that Kanye’s passion for fashion and art are no less than real. The scarves are meant to be worn in layers, so the limited quantity and heavy price tag will encourage exclusivity to the individuals who rock them as intended.

I probably won’t ever forget the emotions I experienced the first time I watched Kanye’s movie, Runaway. It was the evening of it’s premier and it seemed like the world was in anticipation. Staying clear of twitter and any other mediums, I was prepared to watch and discover my own review before hearing anyone else’s take. Private time growing up often involved some book or another, favorite authors would include Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Yaan Martel. One thing in common of each piece was their use of imagery in subliminal messaging. Anyways, I was submerged in Runaway for this same reason, if you deny that it was anything less than epic… another ‘go at it is in order. Press play.


Poetic. Creative. Talented. Artistic. Exclusive. Mention one characteristic that doesn’t apply. The ever-so talented Mr. West graces us with (yet) another Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.



Why I love it: Faking it!

I tried Lashem-Measurable Difference Lash Gel a couple times here and there, when Yvonne first introduced me to it. Since then, I’ve been using it religiously for almost three months, and it has become to me, what brow pencil is; to the girls that like to draw on their own eyebrows… Needless to say I love it. In fact, I love it even more ever since the Nella Bella F/W11 event, where when one of my friends asked if I was wearing false lashes or extensions…I had to laugh, before confessing about how I pretty much o.d on this stuff (lashem).

before Lashem… what eyelashes?

3 months in… WHOA LASHES!

I think false lashes look great, and have spent many seconds oohing and aahing through magazines at all the varieties. However, they are not for me…I’ve worn false lashes once in my life, and Yvonne had to put them on for me. I just don’t get the whole thing, they feel heavy on my eyes, putting them on is tedious (for me anyway lol), and I can’t get past the paranoia of one or both of them popping off while I’m in the middle of a conversation. So Lashem it is. Quick and easy, no-fuss, beautiful lashes! Winner.

You can always count on Y.K to put you on to that good good!

peace, love and health


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