Posts Written On May 06, 2011

Lady Gaga “Judas”

So here is Gaga’s new song/video. I’m in love with the fashion as I always have loved her fashion. She’s amazing and I think a talented person. I think she pushes the envelope in order to get the audience to think out side the box.. With that said the meaning of this song is for all the men that backstabbed Gaga and this is from the Mother Monster herself.

What do you readers think of the new video?? Is it too much?? Or just right??

xo Tanya


Lady Gaga’s Judas premieres tonight!

OK little monsters..are you ready??!!

Superstar Lady Gaga has joined forces with E! to unveil the world premiere of her latest – and perhaps most talked about – music video for her upcoming single “Judas.”

Its going to air in its entirety on E! NEWS on TONIGHT @ 7 p.m on E!

And tomorrow there will be an exclusive and revealing interview with Lady Gaga on Friday, May 6 at 7 p.m on E! NEWS.

Hope you are excited for the originality, creativity and crazy that is Lady Gaga.


Call for entries!

Do you have an amazing short film? Want to win $5,000 and a chance to attend the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France?! All you have to do is submit your short for the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival, and wait to see if you win. Thanks to Christina for sharing!

pic source.

Air Canada’s enRoute Film Festival is currently inviting Canadian film students, as well as emerging filmmakers, to enter the fifth annual short film festival this year. Once submissions have been received, a jury begins the selection process for the best short.

The winning submissions will be broadcast on  the Air Canada’s personal seatback entertainment system; thus exposing the shorts to an international audience. Cineplex Entertainment is the presenting sponsor and will award the winner with a cash prize of $5,000, and all winners will receive the destination prize of attending the Clermong-Ferrand International Film Festival!

We can all look forward to a free public screening and awards celebration to honour the winners; at the end of year, here in Toronto.

Deadline is Tuesday, May 31st!!

peace, love and health



Patricia Field x Barbie

I got a bunch of Tweets and emails asking me about the bag I used at the GShock event… So here it is…

I rock mine with a Barbie pink ribbon and a pheasant feather I got on Venice beach. It represents prosperity and resourcefulness. Both of which is a constant reminder of what I do and who I am. The pheasant is a native bird of China where it is revered for its beauty, its feather represents yang energy and so it carries attributes of fire, life, summer and action. They are the cousin of a peacock but not quite the same. Their energy stimulates sexuality, encourages creativity, and enhances energy. Now you know why I have it right?

It’s the Pat Field x Barbie LUXE Limited Edition Hobo in Black Croc that I got in 2009, wasn’t expensive but definitely a statement piece and one of my favs. Every day practicality with piazzas!

Katy Perry has the white one, but you know me. All Black Everything!


Paris Hilton has one too

A real Barbie? Yup!