Minx Me!

One of the best vendors at IBS2011 is of course Minx Nails!

Minx Nails are not just for celebrities, they are for everyone!

Since 2008, Minx has garnered a dedicated following from both nail art lovers and professional manicurists. You can expect them to last 4 – 8 days on the fingers and up to 4 weeks on toes, dependant on the nature of your nail. We always want a great service and if you have trouble with lifting just apply some heat from your hairdryer and some pressure to reseal. Make sure your given a dry manicure first before application as this is very important.

miss @bodynoise + Jo from Minx!

Follow them on Twitter @MinxNailsDotCom + ‘Minx Nails’ or http://www.minxnails.com

Gaga Minx it up!

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