Posts Written On March 18, 2011

Giving gives hope to others :)…

I want to take time out of the normal things posted by myself to express how important it is to take time and  donate what you can to the Red Cross for the victims that were tragically affected by the Tsunami in Japan recently. There are friends of mine who have donated, then there are those that make the assumption because Japan has been one of the most advanced countries in the world that they can rebound in the blink of an eye.

All that to say, its just not true. Human life was lost and there is no technology to bring that back, i hope someone reads this and decides to donate. Speaks volumes, not only about yourself but we as people, thanks for reading 🙂

Click this link to donate 🙂 :


Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites are such a big deal. My sister has her fall wedding coming up so this is a big part of the planning we have yet to discuss. How much do you know about wedding invitations? This is the announcement that tells the world of your love and your happy news. It also represents the kind of relationship you have, the wedding style and sets the tone. They can range from something colorful, classy, design heavy or not. Here are some from David’s Bridal that I love.

I totally want a destination wedding… 🙂

See more wedding invitations here


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A night with Penicullus Bellum part two

The lovely Gail McInnes and myself.

More pictures!

Vanessa you totally rock because you saved me from melting! xo

The lovely ladies of Two Girls in Fashion– Renee and Nicole

Septembre A and friends 🙂

The greeting…lol

party people

are you looking at her skin?! jealous lol

always a good time with Septembre A

So nice to meet you Karen- Sway Magazine

Can you tell the wine was getting to me? Lol. So nice to see you again Christie!

Julio-Fashionights and myself, he’s so fun!

Hey it’s Anita!

More party people!

@MrFASHION you are wonderful!

I laughed and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt by the time I got home… A sign of a very good night!

Thanks again Gail, and to everybody else for being so wonderful!!

peace, love and health