Posts Written On March 16, 2011

Canada Blooms 2011

Canada Blooms 2011 is here, and it’s just in time as the weather slowly becomes warmer and warmer. As many of you know, it’s already spring in my head, and I’m pretty much convinced it’s summer by the time May rolls around, so  with that being said; what better way to celebrate this wonderful occasion of warmer weather, than to go to Canada Blooms 2011! After the press conference, I chowed down on the rest of my and then made my rounds of the hall. There were so many amazing displays, and the air in the air was sooooo FRESH from all the oxygen that those plants were pumping into the air.
Here are some of my favourite displays.


@JullyBlack’s Juno Rocks Garden

Wicked Gourmet was there serving us some tasty samples!

If you haven’t gone to check out Canada Blooms yet well… you MUST, it really is a lovely and refreshing experience. Ticket info etc, over here.
Thank you so much to Michelle from Enterprise Canada for inviting me.

peace, love and health


I love Spring… I kinda wish I had a garden so that I could plant all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants… oh the life!


Born this way

Recently had a conversation with someone I met that shook me. I always run into this issue. Post university/college, post that one huge breakup… dating life is really different. I really have learned to enjoy my solitude, define myself on my own and be proud of my accomplishments. A rare situation but may be common for some – happened to me. I met someone in real life. Offline and at an event. We talked and even hung out minus any internet-ness. The convo that happened is right after we connected on Facebook. He said that it ‘threw him off’ seeing what my online presence revealed. Am I really a cewebrity?  Am I just another industry chick? Am i really too LA to be real?

Of course not. For those of you who know me and read this blog know none of us here is about that.

“God makes no mistakes, Im on the right track baby i was born this way”

Naturally, I down played my clout and really didn’t want my accomplishments to ruin yet another situation. The problem with meeting a lot of sub par, less driven and ordinary people is that you feel bad for who you are. This song really has to be my anthem. The door really swings both ways – Sometimes they fall for who are you online and the 100 stories 1 photo can tell. Sometimes they love how you are in person and don’t want everything else that comes with it.  Lucky for me, the story is yet to unfold. I must remind myself to be myself and be okay with that. No matter how much you want someone else to understand, accept, love you – you have to do that first.  Defend your being.

“There’s nothing wrong with who you are”

I am a huge advocate of loving someone the way they are. You date a guy who loves to go out, don’t expect him to change. You date a guy who loves cats, don’t expect him to change. I don’t expect him to change because I hope for the same. Take it all and enjoy every moment of it, contradictions and all. It is not easy. No matter how great the hypothetic ‘him’ seems, you gotta know you first.


blazing glory

Janelle Monae- She does it so damn well, they should pay her 🙂

I love blazers. There’s so much you can do with them; they come in all shapes, textures, colours and lengths, and the best part is you can wear them in ANY season… well at least I do.

I have three black blazers and recently added a lovely turquoise one to the mix, now all I need is a pink, yellow, royal blue, red as well as white blazer and I’ll be good… Okay maybe an orange one as well…ooooh and purple too, then that’s IT.

Some blazer inspiration 🙂

Riri knows how to rock the ish out of a blazer! I love this one 🙂

YES Lala!

Toronto Moda’s Joanna looking cute in her blazer! (Hi Chenessa!)


oh the possibilities!

Blazers will save the day, even on an “I don’t feel like getting dressed up” night.

(lbd + boyfriend blazer + cute accessories+ heels = easy)

You could just wear it on it’s own if you want!

“feels so good being bad”- Rihanna

The boys like it too!

I love me a good blazer! Do you?

peace, love and health



Gimme Dat

This song has been in my head all week. I just re discovered how hot Ciara dances. I wish I could do some of those moves… damn. she’s fly!! What ‘oldie’ are you always listening to?? Do you think Ciara will come back on top of the charts ???

xo Tanya


Olisa: Miami Meets NYC

Hands down, the first couple days the thermometer hits 65 degrees are priceless—and it only gets better.  Everyone is in an amazing mood and it seems like people are literally skipping down the streets.  Ahhh…Spring in NYC.  There’s nothing else like it, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m head over heels in love with this city!


So, guess how thrilled I was when Yvonne invited me to guest blog for HeyDoYou this spring? (Very!)  NYC is off the charts this time of year and I will be covering everything that is spring—from beauty, fashion, where to be and what to do.


ME: Born and raised in Miami, I now call Brooklyn home (the sizzle of Miami meets the urban flair of New York! ).  Free spirited, and whimsical, I don’t mind if I’m marching to the beat of a different drum.


LOVE: people watching, 4-hour brunches, fun cocktails, massages, any excuse to rock a head-turning dress and heels, the beach, NYC in spring/summer, photography, singing as if I actually have skills (I don’t!), friends, passion


Looking forward to sharing the spring with you!


kisses, Olisa