Posts Written On March 15, 2011

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation

While I was at The Makeup Show LA, I got the Inglot AMC Cream Foundation. This foundation gives a great medium coverage. I’m not really into putting on lots of foundation so the light weight consistency is a huge plus. It comes in 20 colors and it just so happened that the one foundation I got in my bag was the perfect match for my skin color!

How great is that? I’d say it gives me more coverage than i’d want for everyday since I like a light, natural look day to day. I give this foundation a thumbs up! Love Inglot! If you haven’t already try their stuff! They are starting to open up more stores to join their US stores (Miami, LA, NY, Las Vegas, and New Jersey). If you’re not by a store, make sure you check out their website!


xo, June 🙂


Lincoln Lawyer

If you are down for 2 hours of non stop action, twist and turns and a very hot Matthew McConaughey, this is a must see for this weekend. I was so lucky to go to the press screening for this today and I was at the edge of my seat.  With so many lawyers in my family and social circle – a movie about a hunky lawyer having a moral dilemma is exactly my recipe for a good time. Knowing the rules and the system and using it to get whatever you want? That is the life of a lawyer.  Great casting, amazing story line, OUT OF THIS WORLD soundtrack and clips of LA that I recognize.  Go see it.

It is so important to be book smart, street smart and to leave your emotions out of it.



Pink Lips

Red lips are standard with me, but sometimes I have to put the red down and rock the pink!

Perfect for the spring, and a must-have for summer…but I say rock it all year long!


You can have so much fun with pink lips. And there are so many shades of pink to choose from. Just remember to read the ingredients!

Yes Riri. She’s got the lips and the “I’m that boss b*tch” look on point! lol

I like Kim K. with pink lips!

Nicki’s always rockin’ a pink lip!

Pink lips. Yes? No? Maybe?

peace, love and health



RyRy its your Birthday!!!

… Happy Birthday RyRy!!!

This is a photo of my Mum, my cousin RyRy & myself when I was about… 9 months old! My cousin has been one of my greatest loves in life, there for any and every thing a girl could ever need, far exceeding her duties and doing so with so much swagg.

Happy 29th Birthday to you woman!

Love ALWAYS! xo



The talent in these women is not limited to fashion, style and bossy girl swaggg… it exceeds the limitless possibilities of costumes and creativity… being nothing less than the styling powerhouse that is Oh. So. Bossy! Bossy Girls.

Image. Hair. Makeup. Wardrobe. Toronto’s own Vili & Caitlin Wright are two extremely talented women whom of which I am so proud to call my girls. In an industry like no other, literally making an independent living owning and operating their own business, in a world that many see as fun and games. This is an ever-thriving career.

Below is a random assortment of recent  Bossy Girls creative work… the vibe of being on-set and a part of the culture that is fashion is such a pleasure, I’m so proud to share the below with ya’ll.

Bossy Girls Video Reel

Amanda Morra Video – on set, Directed by Cazhhmere

Aleesia ‘Not That Girl’ Video – Behind the Scenes

Alyssa Rubino – shot by Matt Barnes

VLUP Magazine – shot by Matt Barnes

Catch ’em at the hotspots…



Random video I love lol… 1LoveTO meets with Bossy Girls & (#SO to) Fresh Boss for 2010 MMVA – VVIP ~ talks about process, treatment & styling