Posts Written On March 13, 2011

BeautySoClean + Giveaway!

Today, my friends, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite products I have. This isn’t something you need to do your makeup everyday but it’s something that will help you in the process. At The Makeup Show LA, I got a chance to pick up some BeautySoClean products and I LOVE them! The products are made to sanitize and disinfect your makeup and the tools you use to apply them. I picked up the cosmetic sanitizer mist, the brush cleaner, and some of the sanitizer wipes.

The cosmetic sanitizer mist is an all around great disinfecting product and it refreshes your products so you can use them longer. The mist can be used on any pressed powders like eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, concealors, etc. Basically you spray the mist on to your product and within seconds the mist will dry and leave you with a ready-to-use, sanitized product.

Now the conditioning brush cleanser has to be my FAVORITE! It comes in a great light mist bottle. You spray it directly on to your brush, brush it on a tissue or paper towel, and within seconds you’re ready to use it again. It’s great when you want to reuse your brush and remove all color that’s already on it. No waiting for your brushes to dry anymore!

Finally, look at these cute little wipes. Perfect for on-the-go! The sanitizer wipes are great for cleaning your eyeliners, mascara wands, eyelash curlers, etc. I like to use this on my sharpeners. Not only are my sharpeners always really dirty from different colors being sharpened but i’m sure there is so much grossness and bacteria going on… that’s how you get PINK EYE! No one wants pink eye. I really like to clean my lipgloss wands too. Pet peeve of mine is when the wand changes colors from applying if over other colors so I use the wipes to clean it off! I also use the wipes when i’m not at home. I don’t like to carry around the bottles so i’ll carry a few of the wipes in my makeup bag and you can dust your brushes on the wipes and it does the job well!

The BeautySoClean products are the best way to prevent spreading germs whether it be bacteria from using your makeup on others or even your own germs. I guaruntee you that after using their products, you’ll see less blemishes because your makeup and tools are cleaner and your makeup will last longer because you don’t have oils ruining your powders. TRY IT!


I will be doing a giveaway of a mini Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist and Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes with a little kit explaining the products and a DVD!

To be entered to win the BeautySoClean mini kit, DM me on Twitter saying “BeautySoClean”. Winner will be chosen randomly in a week!


xo, June 🙂


Launching Tomorrow… TGIF

The suspense can kill… with all of the video teasers and photo peeks, we are sooo excited to see whats to come from the ever-so-fashionable Runway Renee & Alexxuss Knight aka Two Girls in Fashion. These lovelies are bringing the dynamic insiders’ approach to fashion entertainment & pop culture!

The ladies launch their webisodes on with the premiere TOMORROW March 14, 2011; ‘ON THE VERGE with SWAY‘ featuring A-Game, DJ Lissa Monet, Regular Robb & DBS studio so TUNE IN and get the “Super Skinny” on all that is Fashion.

Fan their facebook page for easy info

peep their webpage

Check out the video below

TGIF [two girls in fashion] from Julie H. on Vimeo.



Dove Men +Care =Success

These three new Dove products were sent to me from the good folk at Harbinger Communications to use and review.

Product 1: Sensitive Clean Body and Face Wash *Unscented and Dye Free*

Unlike most Body wash Soaps that are unscented this body wash does’nt come wit a dull scent. Its a very mild body wash that will leave your skin very soft and not oily or dry. The most notable feature about the product is that it is 100 percent a male product and will leave you so fresh and so clean :).

Product 2: Deep Clean Shampoo and Conditioner

If you don’t know by now i shave my head which means i have no hair 🙂 (Don’t Judge me). So Instead i had someone with hair use this product and there words were “When i wash the styling gel out of my hair it doesn’t leave it dry. It still leaves it softer than i originally had it”

Personally i liked the little Dove on the top of the bottle cap

Last but not least product 3: Clean Comfort Deodorant

This product is dope, not only did it smell good but it had a twist feature that is so much more convenient then those little small twist features that can be a hassle at times.

Thank you Mary Saunoris from for sending me these products 🙂 they are great.

Check em out world…


MICABella for Spring

Micabella is a natural makeup that is 100% mineral and fragrance free. I have tried a slew of minerals and nothing is more impressive than when you see the range of colors and textures that are available.  The best thing about minerals is that it is so versatile.  You can use it as an eyeliner, mascara, blush, lips, nails, body and even hair. Find out how on They even have looks you can learn to do.

I am wearing G-202 from Micabella at this photoshoot

To celebrate the Spring Equinox, we are doing a double giveaway: Glisten Hair Charms (goes on with your flat iron) + the MICABella Eye Shadow Kit.

Get started on minerals this spring. Here is what you have to do:

1. Follow MicaBella on Twitter here:

2. Tweetpic me @heydoyou and your fav makeup look before March 22.