Posts Written On March 10, 2011

Director X on Weekly Rap

The Weekly Rap includes a panel of industry professionals who discuss current events, entertainment news and social events, moderated by Buttaman.  Today the pilot was filmed at the Time Warner building at the Samsung Experience Showroom with a quaint audience and a ton of anticipation.

The panel included Jason Rodriguez from MTV, K.Foxx of Hot 97, Rapper Skillz and Director X. Each of the panelist gave their 2 cents and Director X came with Wikipedia/Google wealth of knowledge and unique point of view.  Follow him on Twitter to see what’s up.

The show will be up early next week on

ps: best part of the night? finding my cosmic twin @greatScottinc


Music eh! Peter Jackson

Toronto MC- Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson is a Toronto-based MC, is today’s Music eh! feature. and he recently premiered his new music video for “Miss Right” featuring Sizzla Kalonji. This is the first song I’ve heard from Peter Jackson, and it’s definitely made a good impression on me. His delivery is smooth and almost hypnotic… Sizzla is always on point, so this was definitely a good collabo. I think they did an awesome job on the video, and the ending is too funny. lol

I dig it.

Have you heard of Peter Jackson before? Any favourite tracks by him? What do you think of his new song/video?
Need more “Miss Right”? Get it on iTunes NOW.
peace, love and health


The Pretty Reckless

So I am currently OBSESSED with The Pretty Reckless. An edgy rock band out of New York. You may or may not have heard their single released last May “Make Me Wanna Die” from their debut album “Light Me Up.” Lead singer of the band is Taylor Momsen. YES, Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Momsen worked with a few producers before settling with current rock producer (opposed to all the other pop producers she was fixed up with.) The Interscope Records artist went through a few band members until she found the ones she is with now.

The album release in the US and around the world was accepted with mixed reviews but I happen to love it. I had no idea when I heard a few songs previously that it was Taylor Momsen doing the vocals and guitar as well. I love the edgy, heavy sound they have. Check them out if you haven’t already!

xo, June 🙂