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Not just any stick for chapped lips…

Constantly living with you, delivering concentrated healing, a lip conditioner today should bear resemblance to its owner’s contemporary lifestyle, with full consciousness of the Earth’s offerings. Taking the best of what nature provides us, combining ingredients in a formulation edited to feel luxurious, gratifying and indulgent − especially in a time when we need it most.

Eschewing popular, but toxic cosmetic ingredients like petroleum and formaldehyde, LIPSTOCKTM CREAM is handmade fresh with a soft blend of 13 natural and organically grown ingredients, including watermelon seed oil, organic shea butter, green tea antioxidants and vitamin E.

At a purse-friendly price, LIPSTOCKTM CREAM provides on-the-spot pampering with a smooth, creamy texture and a satin finish, resulting in a rich application of lasting, balanced care for the delicate skin of the lips.


  • non-mass produced, containing no fillers, toxins, or lab-created chemicals with indecipherable names
  • hand-manufactured fresh in the U.S. in small quantities, with a focus on the quality of ingredients employed, their formulation processes and effectiveness on the delicate skin of the lips
  • thinking out-of-the-box, and to the delight of consumers, product is wrapped in a candy-inspired, biodegradable wax paper


Available online at Free shipping for every retail order of 2 tubes or more.

Your lips speak volumes as a catalyst for courage.

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Music eh! Sense aka New Kid

It’s time for Music eh! Which means it’s time for Sense aka New Kid!!!

I came across Sense’s music about a week ago… I know, I know, but I’ve come to terms with being ashamed of myself for sleeping on Canadian Hip Hop. I’m awake now, and I’m enjoying learning about and discovering all these talented artists. Anyway back to Sense, I spent about an hour… okay two, listening to music on his myspace page (listening right now), but I only needed to listen to Lord of The Kings once, to know that I needed to download his mixtape.

He says this one’s for the ladies! OWWW 🙂

This brother hails from Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada, and has had a love for music ever since he was a little boy when he used to sing in church. He soon fell in love with Hip Hop and has been hooked ever since, and continues to amaze people with his different style and approach. We are all unique, and we are all different, but when you zone in on these unique qualities, some amazing things can happen. Sense has done just that. He knows what he’s working with, and he works it. You’ll hear me talk about an artists’ delivery, and that’s because I feel you can have dope lyrics, but if your delivery is whack then…you should either keep practising or… keep practising. Sense’s delivery? On point.

Download his mixtape Lord of The Kings, and Follow him! I did.

Are you fan? First time hearing about Sense?
peace, love and health
Did you know? Sense won the “Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award” for Canada at the Unsigned Hype Awards in Buffalo, NY. He also plans to treat us to an album this year, so look out for that!


CK One Summer

Intense summer sun
Destination unknown
The music is loud
Feel the energy and the vibe

(via @nebbyneb)

Launching this Spring, CK One Summer captures the spirit and mood of a fun-filled summer dance party at the beach. It is unisex, fresh, clean and easy to wear. CK One Summer opens with a burst of fresh crisp melon and dewy water fern. An invigorating blend of green citrus notes features tangerine leaveslemon, and the unique zesty herbaceous effect of verbenaRhubarb adds a cool, edgy freshness, which rounded out with soft yellow freesia creates a refreshing heart. Exotic incense and earthy oakmoss are wrapped in the warmth of cedarwoodmusk andpeach skin.

CK One Summer will be giving away 5 free music downloads with every fragrance purchase. For more information please visit

I am SOOOOO ready for summer!


Soft and Sweet giveaway!

As you can tell, my mind is off winter, and has officially planted itself in the dreams of spring and summer. In celebration of a new season, and new possibilities we’re doing a Soft and Sweet giveaway. Our friends over at Harbinger, have been spoiling us rotten with gifts, so we’re going to keep on with the spoiling, and treat you as well.

I know you hear me talking about healthy skin ALL THE TIME… I know… and I’m gonna keep doing it. When I tell you to drink lots of water and moisturize, I want you to do it like your life depends on it. lol. So in order for me to make sure that at least one of you is doing so, I’ll be giving away the last of Vaseline Extra Strength lotions from their Intensive Rescue line. The “Lil Angel” fragrance by Harajuku Lovers is also part of the giveaway; so not only will you have soft, supple skin, but you’re gonna smell sweet and totally edible too. So perfect for summer.

How can you win?

Follow me on twitter, and tell me why soft skin is a summer must-have. Then email me at bella  @, with Soft and Sweet as the subject, and tell me why you wanna be soft and sweet this sumer. EASY.

I look forward to hearing all your creative responses!

peace, love and health


ps: Thanks to Coty Inc and Harbinger for making this possible!

*More giveaways coming soon!