Posts Written On March 03, 2011

Rare Salon

After being just south of Canal Street in Tribeca, Rare Salon is still doing what they do best – giving your hair all that tender loving care. I went in to meet my new friend Kevyn and get a super conditioning treatment + trim.

Here is my before – since my hair is growing out, it’s a bit unruly and somewhat flat in the back.

Inside Rare

All the current glossies

then we soak, wrap and wait

Rock on!

make sure you say hello to Fatima

and of course… Kev Bridgeman, the most tame Leo I ever met…


Music eh! SVC

Thanks to Sari from audioblood media for sharing this with us!
For today’s Music eh! I bring you Burlington’s Sandman Viper Command.
The band is set to play at Edgefest this July 9th, alongside artists like Rise Against, Tokyo Police Club, The Weakerthans and more. Before taking the Edgefest stage, the band will be going on an extensive national tour to celebrate the release of their new 7-inch, “Rough Love”.

I like the songs “Oh Yeah, It’s Fusion” and “The Best of Plans”, you can listen to them and more on their myspace.

“Rough Love” was recorded with acclaimed producer Jon Drew, and will be released on March 15th digitally and off-stage. The 7-inch will feature some of the band’s most mature work yet.
For more info on the tour and tour dates, check out their myspace.
peace, love and health

What do you guys think about SVC?


The Awkward stage pt 2.

I don’t wanna call it the “awkward stage” anymore… This is normal during the transitioning stage, and everything in life looks a little “different” during this process. I’d been shaving my head, or getting the growth in the sides “softened” for the last 3 years, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a full head of hair never mind natural hair. Did I mention that I’m also 100% free of any AND all processed hair? Yes. *taking a bow*

I’ve been sticking to my routine of conditioning twice a week, moisturizing (religiously), spritzing, drinking LOTS of water, and trying so damn hard to eat healthy. Oh and reading up on some natural hair care tips from other members of the online natural hair community. There is some gooood stuff out there.

I’ve noticed that on days when I wear my hair out, lots of people ask me questions about it. I find this odd, as there’s a large community of women and even men with natural hair; yet some people act like they’ve never seen beautiful nappy curls. Even then, I appreciate their curiosity, because you know I’m always happy to talk about it lol. Don’t stop asking, it usually leads to some pretty interesting conversations 🙂

peace, love and health