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Renegade Kitchen

Damn!  Dan Kohler is so fresh :] Met him yesterday at Food Fete and he is just more than amazing. This is the kinda men we find here Brooklyn!   This is what I call a soul-connection. Enjoy!

Soft Pretzels from Renegade Kitchen on Vimeo.

Dig it. Renegade Kitchen finds the independent manufacturers, bakers, restaurants, and chefs in your town who are making life easier for people living with food allergies. We post exclusive video-interviews with these cats, giving you the stories behind their products. Check in for weekly recipe updates, is your place for living gluten-free, dairy-free, whatever-you-want-free


“Life tastes better when you’re not single. Cook for someone.”


Food Fete

Did you know that 9% of all adults are allergic to gluten? Americk and I went to Food Fete to check out new Foods for People with food allergies and learned so much!  After tasting everything from cookies to pastas to sandwiches and yogurt… I realized that there are so many other alternatives than to what mainstream products we may buy at regular grocers.  There were over 15 vendors and we had a great time.   The best thing besides all the free food was the opportunity talk and really understand the purpose behind gluten free. I will be highlighting each of the products and brands throughout spring – Read the labels people!

the nice girls from Chobani Yogurt

Get this at Costco.. yumm!

ever tried Oat, Hemp, Almond milk?

the cute sour cream guy



More pics here

Shout out to Am for being the taste-tester and hi-res photos ^_^


LUMINATO Press Conference and Concert

Dublin to Dehli! I heart you guys… for real. If you’ve never seen these guys perform, you MUST.

I had the pleasure of attending the LUMINATO press conference and concert at the Roy Thomson Hall, yesterday morning. I also had the priviledge of interviewing the CEO of LUMINATO, Janice Price, and her team. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the CEO OF LUMINATO is a woman.

Janice Price (CEO-LUMINATO) and I

Where I come from women don’t normally hold the position of CEO, as some corporations still believe it’s a “man’s world”; thank goodness things are starting to change for the better with more women becoming CEOs of major corporations. I say this because I’m always excited when I meet women that are doing amazing things with their careers and breaking stereotypes or “rules” that have been placed on women. So to meet a “Madame CEO” that’s doing big things; well that just about makes my day.

Chris Lorway (Artistic Director- LUMINATO) and I

looked so good…

Jessica Dargo Caplan – Director of Education and Community Outreach and I

Dehli to Dublin was there to give us some of that feel good music, and it definitely wasn’t what I expected. I was totally BLOWN AWAY by this band. I was so blown away, that after their performance I insisted that I become a member of the band. I hope they know that I took those smiles, nods and even a yes as confirmation that I am now a band member. I’m just playing… but really.

George Sawa – He said, “I thought you were going to start taking pictures of me, but you’re only taking pictures of food!” ha ha

Jason Mason, Peter J Merrick, and Irwin Duncan

Peter J Merrick- President of MerrickWealth

I’m so grateful to Festivals in Toronto for giving me the opportunity to interview this amazing woman, as well as get to know some members of her brilliant team! Rocky, Ryan, Robert; you guys are an amazing camera crew, I felt like a total PRO! Ha ha. NicholasIrwin and Jason, Thank you so much. Thanks to Gerard (event coordinator RTH) for your wonderful hospitality.

I can’t wait for LUMINATO 2011!

peace, love and health



Ms… JessieJ

If you haven’t caught a glimps of this woman yet… Whereeeeee have you been???! Lol! But honestly though, my homegirl @nerdzandcocoa put me on to JessieJ back in October and ever since its been #LOVE! Click HERE for the first track I fell for, Do It Like A Dude and be sure to check out her newest single, Price Tag feat. B.O.B. How one could resist loving her is beyond me… she’s so down in a way that’s creatively her own.

Pushing limits in fashion, appearance & musical content… #GirlCrush much?