Posts Written On March 01, 2011

little lady…

My mom often says she’s amazed by how I’ve become such a ” little lady”. Translation, “I’m so happy you don’t wear those awful over-sized hoodies, t-shirts and baggy jeans.” It was always kinda funny to watch how much it frustrated her 🙂 I heart my mama!

As a little girl I hated the mere thought of wearing a party dress. And even as a teenager, I still picked hoodies & jeans over dresses, frilly dresses, not to mention anything fitted…especially when the “girls” started growing and boys started staring lol

I wasn’t a tomboy or anything. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I loved my barbies, getting my hair curled, playing dress-up with my mom’s stuff (except the dresses), getting chased by boys, happily ever after cartoons/stories, you know the usual… but not wearing dresses.

I don’t know when or how the change happened; but soon I started to notice I had less hoodies, and more dresses… close fitting ones. I’d even started wearing bikinis! oh lord *fans self*

The adventures of growing up. Did you go through this phase?

peace, love and health



TopShop: Til I drop

My birthday came and went & usually my Mum will send me a card with some dollaz (lol) or send me back to Canada at x-mas with a gift I’ve picked up there… this year… Mum told me to hop on to Topshop’s UK site & pick what I like, for her to send!

I chose my top three and thought I’d let the fashionista/o ‘s who read the blog make the pick for me… so tweet me (@shayxoxo_HDY), comment below or hit me up on FB, gonna tell Mum on Friday (March 4)!

Here are my choices…

Pippa cotton dress
$84 –

TopShop high waisted denim short
$140 –

Leather sandal
$200 –


Messy New Yorkers

The Style Network’s HIT SHOW ‘Clean House’ is coming to the NY TRI-STATE AREA looking for families with CLUTTER that NEEDS TO GO!!

Do you need help ridding your home of clutter? Are you having a hard time letting go of stuff you don’t need? Is your house in dire need of a makeover? If AT LEAST 3 ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE ARE MESSY, then you need CLEAN HOUSE!!
If you OWN a SINGLE-FAMILY HOME with at least 2 adults live in your home, then please e-mail the following information to us and we’ll be in touch with more details:
1. Names & relationships of EVERYONE living in the house.
2. Address, phone number, e-mail
3. Photos or video of all your cluttered rooms.
4. Tell us about yourself and why you and your family need CLEAN HOUSE!!!
5. Do you own or rent your house?
For prompt attention, please answer ALL of the above questions!!

Email us at:


Music eh! Ehlien swag!

“spittin hotter than some lava, comin outta Guatemala”- Drew Howard

I lived in Toronto for a while, so how have I not heard of Drew Howard before. Yes I know, shame on me, and shame on you for not putting me on. I came across Drew Howard’s new video for “Hustle” featuring D-Pryde while taking a virtual walk through Youtube a few days ago. And…Song is dope. I love the delivery of the track, I love Drew’s flow, I love the enthusiasm, and I LOVE that they are reppin’ Canada hard! You can’t help but enjoy this song, the fun their having in the video is totally contagious. Before I knew it, I was smiling and bopping my head to the beat, rocking from left to right, and fighting the urge to just throw my arms up in the air and rock out.

I need one of those Ehlien tees ASAP.

What do you think of the new “Hustle” video? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

peace, love and health


ps: you can download the song here. And follow Drew @drewflys I did!


Mystery Guy #8

Look what I found 🙂

Vaitari Anderson – Marketing & Branding:

Vaitari has worked his way up from consumer marketing to online marketing through affiliate marketing for companies such as VH1, CMT, and MTV2. As brand manager, he drove the phenomenal conversion of the Enyce clothing brand which put the company on a new launch pad which has lead it to be acquired by Sean John.

Kind of scrumptious right.