Posts Written On February 03, 2011

Design LOVE: IDS 2011

IDS 11 was this past weekend, and I was more than happy to be there to celebrate another year of design goodness! I hadn’t realized that I had taken so many pictures (over 500 to be exact), so it’s going to take some time for me to share all of them with you, as I have no computer šŸ™

Anyway, now for some of what you missed.


It was so good seeing you again Hawley!


I want…

oh the cuteness

from a trunk to a desk!

i’ll take them as well…


so pretty!

I don’t know how this artist does it! Fantastic!


yes, yes, YES.

It was all about the furry lights!

More fur…

I want this chair…

Thank you to Christine fromĀ Faulhaber for inviting me!

peace, love and health


I’ll post links for where you can find all these designs soon!


Happy Birthday Doc!


Today marks the birth of one of my oldest and closest friendships… Leslie (more fondly known to me as Doc) has been my girl since we were 4 years old, and when your this old… it begins to be a VERY long time! lol šŸ˜‰

Hope your day is everything you deserve! All my love to one of the coolest, smartest, lovliest women I know!

Happy Birthday Lady xo


Harvey Stripes ft. Captain Hooks “Must Be The Money”

I love opening my email and getting some new music from up and coming Canadian talent. I have always loved music, and to hear such talented Canadian artists, it’s an inspiration. Here is a new artist by the name of Harvey Stripes. He is truly an inspiration and treats everythingĀ with aĀ confidence, notĀ arrogance, and with an honest and real perspective with himself and his fans.

The sky is truly the limit for Harvey Stripes.

Check him out at Harvey Stripes

xo Tanya