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Gommi Arcade

NBA Superstar NY Knick All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire was seen rocking the GOMMI ARCADE: Episode 1 Tee at Celebrity Publicist Jessica Rosenblum’s belated birthday party at the industry hot spot Juliet Supper Club, NYC

GOMMI ARCADE: Episode 1 Tee.

GOMMI ARCADE is a New York based Japanese anime-inspired lifestyle brand that produces Special Edition Fashion, Art and Animation through the lens of Science Fiction Futurism.

“Welcome to the Future”


Play It for Playboy Contest

The contest link had technical difficulties last time it was published (so sorry)… find the contest info updated below

Hey ladies… we’ve got another fun and easy contest for you! The prize??? An awesome gift (valued at $70) courtesy of Playboy Fragrances… so lets ‘PLAY IT’!
Playboy has recently launched their newest fragrances just for you to Play it Lovely, Play it Spicy or Play it Sexy. Each one of these fragrances are designed for the woman who dresses, smells and lives based on her mood.
The Lovely Woman : Sweet & Playful innocence, guaranteed to enchant
The Spicy Woman : Maximum Glamour & irresistible confidence
The Sexy Woman : Killer dress, sexy stilettos, smoky eyes, and an unforgettable entrance
We wanna know… “How Do You Feel Today?”
There are 3 easy steps…
2. Follow @Shayxoxo_HDY on Twitter
3. Tweet me the phrase “@Shayxoxo_HDY I play it for Playboy to win with HeyDoYou” along with a pic of your most Lovely, Spicy or Sexy face… have fun and BEHAVE!
I will pick a winner on Feb. 13th and post their photo to the blog as well as the Playboy Fragrance FB page!!! Looking forward to seeing the entries & keeping our ladies Spicy, Sexy & Lovely!
Best of Luck xo
For more about Playboy Play It Fragrances click here

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DuO Austin Fashion Show…#POSE!!!

The DuO presents a collection of Charm & Romance Fashion Show went well and i can honestly say there was not a EMPTY seat in the house.

To see what my fellow Austin Socialites experience when they go out on the town, check out

Also for some the latest trends and accessories for Womens AND Mens fashion in Austin,TX be sure to visit DuO Austin when in town…

(512) 391-9600
225 W 2nd St
Austin, TX 78701
Neighborhood: Downtown

Enjoy:) 🙂



Why I LOVE it: Women’s Gold

I wouldn’t know where to begin the list of the many benefits that using shea butter brings. Since my beauty/skin care detox this is ALL I have been using on my face and body, and I LOVE it! I prefer to use unrefined shea butter instead of products that claim to contain shea butter as the refining process diminishes a lot of the vitamins… No thanks. Unrefined shea butter retains ALL its natural vitamins. I’ve heard that some people don’t like the smell, but I think that they are so used to using scented products that the lack of fragrance bothers them. Poor things. It doesn’t smell like anything…

I definitely understand why it’s called “Women’s Gold”.
Shea Butter Trivia:
♥ Shea butter is also known as karite butter, and is made from the nuts of karite trees (aka Mangifolia trees) that grow in the West and Central African regions.
♥ Destruction of the shea tree is forbidden in most parts of West Africa, as the nuts provide a valuable source of food, medicine and even income.
♥ Shea butter is sometimes referred to as “Women’s gold” as there are women that are employed in the production of shea butter.
♥ Shea butter is used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, and stretch marks. It’s an excellent moisturizer, as it promotes cell renewal, diminishes wrinkles, and increases elasticity and circulation.
♥ It also contains cinnamic acid which helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
♥ Shea butter also protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It contains vitamins A and E, and has also shown antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Why I love it? Because it’s 100% natural, it doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or ingredients, and it doesn’t cost me an arm, a leg, or my health to enjoy its benefits! Who can use it? Everyone… actually it’s not recommended for people with nut allergies. Sorry.
peace, love and health


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