(T.O) Ohhh Canada…is Ohhh so Sexy!

I first met the lovely Katrina at the HugTO Cookie and Champagne party, where she was a vendor selling her Aahh-some  Ohhh Canada products. She’s been my go-to-girl ever since, see why
Katrina McKay Owner & Director, Products

Tell us a bit about yourself & ohhh Canada

In many ways, I think I’m the typical HeyDoYou reader; I love fashion, travel, music and technology. I have a background in marketing and business, and I’m also really into the arts – I’m a musician and an aspiring author. I live in downtown Toronto, and that’s also where I run Ohhh Canada from. Ohhh Canada is an online high-end adult product (read: sex toys and accessories) boutique catering to Canadian women and couples (find us here: www.ohhhcanada.ca). All of our products are made from body-safe top quality materials, and chosen for their aesthetic appeal as much as their utility… In other words, our toys are damn sexy, safe and they’re fashionable, too!

What motivated you to start Ohhh Canada.

I truly believe that having a healthy sex life – whether it’s with a partner or “ridin’ solo” (cheers, Jason Derulo) enhances every part of your life. Our appetite for sex is a lot like our appetite for food – but for some reason sex is still a taboo topic in most circles (yet we talk on and on about food – how much we ate, what we ate and who we ate it with). Sex is healthy! Sex is fun! It’s time we celebrated sexuality instead of repressing it. Feeling sexy enhances your self-esteem. And having toys to play with or accessories that complement your sex life, just makes it more fun. Just as you don’t need a great bag to look amazing, you also don’t need a vibrator to have great sex… but it doesn’t hurt! So really, I started Ohhh Canada to not only supply the accessories, but to spark up conversations, and also to take the “skeeziness” (as I call it) out of buying sex toys. Adult toys are luxury products – that’s how I see them. I love helping Canadians express their sexy selves.

Why Ohhh canada? Where did the idea for the name come from?

I felt like the Canadian market – and Canadian yummy mummies and sexy single ladies, in particular, were being underserved. With all the great sex shops out there, there wasn’t really a shop that catered to the naughty-AND-nice fashionista, for example. I wanted to change that. I set out to start up conversations with women, men and couples who maybe hadn’t thought about buying a toy, or were too shy before, or who just didn’t really like their shopping options. I love interacting with our customers, and I love hearing stories about how they’re using our products to spice up their sex lives. Our brand is about sexuality, fashion and luxury.
As for the name… “Ohhh” is for that decadent, luxurious moment when you climax, and also for a feeling of delight and surprise (as in “ohhh, you shouldn’t have!” when you receive a great gift). And Canada because I want it to be perfectly clear that my store caters to my fellow Canadians. Plus, I think the name’s a little cheeky, just like me, and it reflects the company’s sense of humour. (I still giggle a little when I hear the first line of our national anthem.)

Why should people buy from Ohhh Canada?

We’re different than most sex toy retailers. Our focus is on making you feel great all over and expressing your sexy self in a fashionable way. We love style and design, and that’s reflected in the products we offer – our customers are the best customers in the world, so we offer the best products in the world. Also, you can be assured that Ohhh products are made from high-end quality body-safe materials… very important for anything you’re putting inside your body or against sensitive tissues! Lastly, we’re Canadian, we have a sense of humour and our prices are some of the lowest in the industry.

 I highly recommend her! Thanks Katrina.

Fashionista GiveAway

We will be giving one lucky HeyDoYou reader a Lelo Liv vibrator and a condom compact!  

Liv is the fashionista’s vibrator.  Liv’s a pretty little package with some power. You can use her both inside and out… with your partner or without!

Condom Compact. Be safe & fashionable.

Contest Guidelines

  • You must live in Canada
  • You must be 18+
  • Shipping costs are covered

How to Enter

By Twitter

By Email

  • For those of you who don’t have twitter. Email me at Tashieka@heydoyou.com
  • Write- I want to enter the Naughty & Nice Fashionista giveaway – don’t forget your name.

I will announce the winner on Jan 28th.  This contest is open to both males and females. Remember Valentines day is coming up and this would make a great gift  

Thanks Ohhh Canada


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