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In 2008 Redbuttafly collaborated with an aerosol artist East3 out of Hawaii (who is down with the RocSteady Crew) and had him hand-tag fabric for us in a warehouse in the Middle Of Nowhere, NJ. We took that fabric, cut&sewed it into some really great pieces, and finally have an amazing fashion+art collaboration to show for it…

This is my favorite piece…

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The Wedding Show 2011- Shoes for I dos

These were my favorite!
Celebration shoes offers quite a selection.
Digging these as well ūüôā
A splash of color! I love it!
cute shoes from Sash and Bustle
so dainty ūüôā
If you don’t want to wear high heels, you can wear something cute and not as high.
The men also need a good shoe!
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