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Ready for more? IDS 11

I’m sooo excited for IDS 11! Wooo-hooooo!!
 I had so much fun oohing, aahing and drooling last year, that I’m ready for another round of interior design goodness! 
exhibit by Suite 22 Interiors at IDS 10
“For its 13th year, the IDS team has curated an exceptional roster of trail blazers from across Canada and around the globe. IDS11 is about innovation and challenge. We‘ve traveled from Miami to Milan to bring 13 of the world’s most acclaimed designers and architects to our show stage. Right here in Canada we’ve asked over 35 of our design heroes to work with materials in new contexts and to look at iconic pieces with a fresh perspective”– IDS

Hope to see you there!
peace, love and health
Blast from the past IDS pics here, here and here!
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The Wedding Show 2011- The Dress.

Gowns by Magdalena
Choosing the right dress is key in the wedding planning process. Bride-to-be’s are on a constant search for that perfect dress. Focusing on the fun and exciting aspects, instead of how stressful it might get will help finding your dress a lot easier… Just imagine how good you’ll feel and look when you find your perfect dress!
Bridesmaids can look forward to cute dresses as well!
Some tips on finding your dress:
♥ Set a realistic price range. Yes there are many beautiful expensive dresses out there, but there are even more gorgeous gowns that won’t do serious damage to your wallet. 
Just the right amount of poofiness!
♥ Try on a variety of dresses. It’s understandable to want to buy the first dress that looks good, but that’s probably just the excitement working… Have a few favorites then narrow them down to one.
I’m loving the blue!
♥ It’s suggested that a bride-to-be visit lots of bridal stores, but I suggest looking at independent designers as well. They are able to offer you beautiful gowns,  not to mention the added bonus of having a custom made one of a kind gown!
I love the bottom part! Ines di Santo
Oscar de la Renta gown from White Toronto
♥ Don’t set goals you can’t meet. For example, if you want to wear a strapless gown and have hopes of toning up your arms, shoulders or whatever gown by the big day; don’t get a a strapless gown. Do so only if you are willing to put in the work it takes to get sexy sculpted shoulders, arms, and whatever else before your wedding day.
Eco-couture collection by Adele Wechsler!
One of my faves! A rescued vintage gown that’s over 70 years old by Labl (It also has a twin!)

♥ Find a dress that will suit the type of wedding you are having. For example if you’re having a beach wedding, wearing a gown that is light, and breathable is a good idea.

Pretty dresses from Sash and Bustle
More from Sash and Bustle

Good luck in finding your perfect dress!
peace, love and health
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Almond Drink

During the holidays, my mom made an almond drink that was both refreshing and delicious…. I asked her for the recipe so here we go!
Purchase 1 pack of Sweet Almond from Chinese supermarket. There are 2 types of almond, “South (sweet)Almond ” and “North Almond “. South Almond is sweet while the North Almond is bitter with medication effect for coughing.
  • This is the label on the package Sweet Almond. It is about 180 g. Use half of it for one bowl.
  • Soak into of cold water about half an hour after washing.
  • Put water and almond into a blender or Magic Bullet.
  • It is about 1/2 full in the Magic Bullet.
  • Blend for 5 minutes.
  • It becomes milky colour with some bubbles.
  • Pour the almond juice into a pot (better non sticky) with the cheese cloth or sieve on top.
  • Prepare one Tablespoon of corn starch, and dissolve into 3 Tablespoon of water. 
  • Turn on the stove and cook until the almond juice boiling, lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes
  • Put the corn starch into the almond juice bit by bit and keep on stirring the juice until it is thickened. (You can adjust the thickness by adding some more water if you like) Add some sugar (preferably rock sugar) if you like.
* The Sweet almond juice is good for your skin. You can use the residules of the sweet almond after blending, mix with some egg white as a natural face mask.

Thanks Mom!
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The Group E Love Mixtape

The GROUP E LOVE Mixtape is the first of a collection of mixtapes. This mixtape is hosted by DJ Starting From Scratch and has a tons of artists on it, including Jully Black, Ray Robinson, Kardi, Saukrates and bunch of other artists. With up to 60 songs this mixtape has a little bit of everything for everyone. Download it at javascript:void(0)Nadine Hope and join the Facebook group for information of upcoming mixtapes.

(Thanks Nadine for filming this)

xo Tanya

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The Wedding Show 2011- Have your CAKE and eat it too!

AMAZING cake display by Cake Opera Co.

I feasted my eyes on beautiful cake displays, and enjoy delicious cake samples provided by the exhibitors at The Wedding Show this past weekend.
If you’re a bride-to-be you should definitely check out some of these places to do the cake for your special day. Not only will it be beautiful… it will be delicious!

Dufflet Pastries were in attendance.
A small part of  Truffle Cake & Pastry- Christina Wong’s beautiful display.
Lovely cakes by Bobbette and Belle.
I love the touches of elegance and femininity that Bobette and Belle add to their cakes!
The CaketressLori Hutchinson was there to show off her lovely cake!
Cake balls by Dessert Divas Absolutely yummy!
another one from Cakes by Konstadin
peace, love and health

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