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(T.O.) Au Naturel update

The pretty flowers are from H&M and are about $2-4 each.

It’s been 7 months since I’ve had any kind of chemical treatments done to my hair, and 3 months of no heatstyling whatsoever. Just some tlc, natural oils, and a good trim and conditioning routine. Gone are the days of spending hours and HOURS at the beauty salon 🙂

Though it took some time, embracing the kink is the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair 🙂
I always have my hair in protective twists, so I love when I can wear it out! Throw a couple flowers in there, and I’m good to go 🙂 
Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
peace, love and health

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(T.O.) Christmas Time!

All I want for Christmas is to be able to show the people I love, just how much I LOVE them!
Merry Christmas everybody!
peace, love and health
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(T.O) Give Get and Share Mobilicity Giveaway

Tis the season for giving!

I’ll be giving a lucky HeyDoYou reader, a super cute HTC snap smartphone with 3 months of unlimited talk and text Holiday plan from Mobilicity! It’s all FREE (my favourite word).

Phone Features:

  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5 Standard
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Wi-Fiâ„¢ enabled
  • GPS
  • 2.0 Megapixel camera with built-in zoom
  • Stereo Bluetooth® Connectivity
Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been using the HTC snap for a couple of months now and I’m  pleased with it. It’s a good phone.

Want to win?

  1. Follow @TashLiscious on twitter
  2. Tweet me “The best gift you have ever given & to who” with the hashtag #GiveGetShare. I will RT all
  3. If you don’t have twitter send me an email at with your answer
  4. One lucky winner will be chosen by January 6th.


Check out the Mobilicity Facebook page and click “Like”. For every “Like” Mobilicity will donate $1 to the S’ Cool Life Fund, a national non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing Canadian elementary public school.  
 Also fans who “Like” the page can fill out an entry form to win:
  • One Grand Prize – one lucky winner will receive an unlimited to go package (HTC snap smartphone + 3 months of the $35 unlimited talk, text and more plan) and $1,000 cash from Mobilicity!
  • Nine additional winners will receive unlimited to go package (HTC snap smartphone + 3 months of the $35 unlimited talk, text and more plan)
One click is all it takes to help contribute to a good cause. Share the news and help them raise as much money as they can!

Happy Holidays

Tash♥ xo

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Day 10

Busy, busy little Christmas bees
Buying presents and decorating trees
But have you no time for neighbours in need?
Volunteer an hour is all we’re suggesting please

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Latest Trends in Wedding Photography

Like any great event, the most important thing besides wedding dresses is the wedding photography! Whether the wedding is a beachfront fete or a black-tie affair, every couple wants their wedding photography to be picture perfect. Now, more than ever, there are countless ways to chronicle your big day in pictures. Here are some of the biggest trends in wedding photography today.

The Digital Photography Revolution
Thanks to digital cameras, the days of flashcubes and dark rooms have given way to higher quality pictures that are less expensive and faster to produce. Wedding Photographers can snap almost unlimited shots without having to reload film or intrude on the moment.

Forget having to wait agonizing months to finally see your ceremony negatives. Within weeks, photographers can post event pictures online for easy viewing. Friends and family of the bride and groom can also browse through the photos and order prints of their favorites. Not to mention digital pictures are a snap to store on a DVD or computer and can be printed over and over again.

The Heart of the Story
In recent years, a new style of wedding photography called photojournalism has become wildly popular amongst newlyweds. Instead of snapping staged shots — and those inevitable forced smiles — photojournalistic photographers focus on telling the story of your special day as it unfolds. From the pre-ceremony preparations to the last dance, they capture the events with wedding photography that elicits the unique emotions of the wedding experience. Whether it’s the bride’s heartfelt hug with her grandpa or the best man’s dance with the flower girl, this style catches the spontaneous and touching moments in an artistic and unobtrusive way.

In Vogue
Some couples are opting to have wedding photography taken in a style inspired by the pages of fashion magazines like InStyle or Vogue. This type of wedding photography plays up the glamour and romance of the day. Images of the bride and groom are shot in an artistic manner and later edited to get a high-fashion look. Move over Tom and Katie! Non-movie star couples can look like celebrities too with special photography techniques both behind the camera and in the editing room.

Options, Options, Options
The possibilities are practically endless to soon-to-wed couples today. Can’t decide between black and white photos or color? Do both. Traditional wedding photography or photojournalistic style? Try a combination of the two. Don’t want to miss the reception while you’re posing for pictures? Wedding party shots can be taken before or after the ceremony so you can enjoy it.

Have It Your Way
The one trend that never goes out of style is being true to yourself. Because you only get one chance to take pictures of your ceremony, make sure your wedding photographer has a good sense of what you have in mind. Be sure to discuss the possibilities and communicate your likes and dislikes clearly. Agreeing upon a wedding photography style before it’s time to say “I do” will help ensure your photos turn out the way you want. And most of all, don’t forget to smile and enjoy your big day!

Do you have any great suggestions of wedding photographers in Toronto?

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