(NY) Team Epiphany

With holiday parties all week long, I stopped by Team Epiphany’s Ho Ho Ho party last night in the Meatpacking District at RDV.

Ridiculously good looking crowd and in true New York fashion… lots of guys and just a handful of chicks. Just the way I like it.

Team Epiphany + Lady Ness
Miss Hot 97 and her bad bitches
heyyyy cutie
More pics at LavishLivez <3 Paul
Ms Chu aka Mrs Coltrane Curtis… She be killin ‘m in her Loubies
Spent some time talking to the Team Epiphany staff at the event and asked them what it was like to work with such shakers and movers in New York City. They said it was the best job they ever had, so much fun and every day is like Christmas working at a job they love. Not bad… Find out more on http://www.teamepiphany.com
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