Posts Written On December 30, 2010

(T.O.) Doggie Bday treats!

I saw these the other day, and even though Benji is no longer with me; I know he would love them! Maybe i’ll get him one for his 1st birthday next year 🙂

puppy love!

After finally admitting to myself that raising a puppy while working and going to school full-time, wasn’t working. I had to give him away. Even though I was sad to see him go, part of me was happy that he’d finally be getting all the love and attention he needs and deserves. I’m gonna miss his little face though.
Some memories of little one 🙂

peace, health and love
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New Year’s Eve Outfit

 Don’t know what to wear? With New Year’s Eve just a day away here are some dress ideas. Lace, Metallic, Black, Colors, Golds and Sequins are some great holiday dress trends to consider. Take a look.

Perfect New Year's Eve Dresses 

Remember to accessorize they are the outfit makers.

Bejeweled headbands, barrettes and pins  are a great way to make your hair shine
Jeweled Cuffs -These bracelets standout
 Clutches and shoulder bags adds appeal to any outfit
Colorful hues and details make these sexy pumps dramatic

Hope this was helpful.

Tash♥ xo

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