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Winter Guest Blogger- Tanya

Hi everyone, my name is Tanya and I’ll be guest writing on heydoyou for this season. I have two of my own blogs- where I write about basically reinventing myself and – where I write about anything fabulous. I live in the heart of Toronto, and am a spontanous person. My motto in life is – nothing is easy. you got to work hard, and play hard to get where you want to be. I also am a person that loves to laugh and am a bit silly at times. I do believe in love, and have a boyfriend. Like every typical aries I’m strong, confident, and a little hard headed, but inside, once you earn my trust, I’m a big softy. My interests are music (underground, hip-hop, up and coming artists, rap, r n b, pop), making the Toronto community better for everyone that lives here, health, art, writing, and fashion. I hope that I can do heydoyou justice and look forward to writing for everyone one here. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! I’m going Christmas shopping 🙂



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Mickaël De Santos

Almost like an optical illusion, these set of drawers remind me of the fun and everything goes era of the ’80s but with the futuristic look of 2010. These cabinets are expertly crafted and the glossy, red wooden embellisments can be changed to create a look that fits your mood on any given day.
Visit Mickael De Santos for more of his creations.

Add this to my Christmas wish list!!!

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(NY) TopShop Rocks

In September, I bought a coat from TopShop. I kinda splurged but I really loved it.  But have 2 months of being with me in LA, TO and NY – the pocket decided to rrrrrrrrrip. Sad to say, I had to bring it back to TopShop.  They were so nice and helpful and told me I can exchange for something of equal value.

Those of you who know how I shop…know that this was not an easy task for me. It took me almost 8 months to find a jacket I liked! And it broke 🙁  And if you guys remember, my Zara suede hobo bag also broke… Grrr… So I spent 2 hours and a half in TopShop and exchanged my coat for a new coat AND a bag 🙂
Fur Collared Flying Jacket

 Leather Metal Trim Satchel

Pretty good deal right? Thank you TopShop for being flexible and putting customers like me first ^_^

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