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HCB #52: Cococococonut Curry Rice!

I was feenin’ for some rice and peas… but I also wanted some curry rice. So I brought the two together, and mmm mmm mmm! So GOOD. I love making spice blends, so it was fun bringing my rice and peas spice blend and curry spice blend together. T’was a good move.

This was delicious. And the raisins? oh… my… gosh… the raisins. They just make everything extra tasty! The coconut milk offered a delicious delicateness that I simply couldn’t put into words.
My rice and peas/curry rice craving was WELL satisfied.
Happy cooking!
peace n love
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Snow White

Do you want to be Snow White for Halloween?
Lesedi is the perfect princess!

Snow White: Once there was a Princess.
Doc: Was this princess you?
Snow White: And she fell in love.
Sneezy: Was it hard to do?
Snow White: It was very easy/anyone could see/that the Prince was charming/the only one for me.
Doc: Was he strong and handsome?
Sneezy: Was he big and tall?
Snow White: Their’s nobody like him/anywhere at all.
Bashful: Did he say he loved ya?
Happy: Did he steal a kiss?
Snow White: He was so romantic/I could not resist
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Willy Monfret Can see ‘Right Thru Me’

Hot damn.  All them girls on Twitter claiming this dude FRESH off the new Nicki Minaj video, Right Thru Me.. Lemme take a good look here. Willy Monfret is 28 years old and also a DJ 🙂  and he is a LIBRA. Guess what… he is also friends with Eva from cocoandlowe and Kathleen of BrazenHussy… or so says Facebook

As of March 2010, he is in Hong Kong busy modelling.
He is in HK, Paris, NYC.. Follow him

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(T.O):"…a dazzling society event, with a twist!"

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up for a glamorous evening of Hollywood glitz in order to support a good cause? and myself would like to invite you to their annual Fashion Show this Thursday, in support of The Women of Baycrest. Everyday many people’s lives are affected by Alzheimers, and a recent study revealed that over 70% of new patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will be women. Proceeds from this event will go towards funding a new research chair at Baycrest in Women’s Brain Health & Aging., and I hope that you all will be able to join us in order to help make Toronto a leader in women’s brain science.

Reasons why YOU should go:

♥ Exclusive Vintage Fashion: Take a “sensational step back into old Hollywood” and entice your visual senses with fashions by Paperbag Princess, Jewellery by Carole Tanenbaum and “dazzling” designer business wear by Freda’s.
♥ “Eat, drink and be merry”: we’d like you to do just that! Over ten of the city’s top caterers including Rose Resiman Catering, Bloom Restaurant, The Chef Upstairs, Fresh & Fancy, Focaccia Restaurant, Infusion and MORE! Cutie Pie Cupcakes & Co. and Cake Bites will be there to treat us to dessert!
 Free-flowing wine, beer and cocktail creations: Molson 67, Tag 5 vodka and Fuzetinis will be flowing freely throughout the evening. There will also be a special Nourish Tea and Trucillo Espresso bar for those that do not wish to partake in the alcohol… I’ll have a drink for you 🙂
♥ So after you’ve worked up a sweat and danced your butt off to the tunes of DJ Fawn Big Canoe, you can give your hair the full star treatment, by receiving hair touch-ups courtesy of Greg May of Greg May Hair Architects.
♥ Prizes and Swag: There are many amazing raffle and marquee items up for grabs, and some special swag that’ll be the cherry on top to an already perfect evening! Everyone has a chance to enter to win an exclusive all-inclusive trip with Air Canada to Sol Melia’s newest 5-star resort in Cuba!! Oh man I needs me a vacation!
So now that I’ve gotten you all excited, here’s how you get tickets. Simply log on here and enter one of the following PROMO CODES for your discounted tickets! WALLA35 = $35 General Admission Tickets and WALLAVIP = $60 VIP Tickets 🙂
I hope to see you all tomorrow night!
peace and love

ps: premium gift bag & reserved seating during the fashion are available by calling 416-964-5850.

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