Posts Written On October 26, 2010

(NY) Ron English

I was wandering around on Sunday and window shopping when I saw the most curious thing. 

Camouflage deers in a basement apartment.  I went to check it out and it turned out to the highly anticipated Ron English art exhibit Status Factory!

All of his pieces contain some sort of social commentary and pokes fun at cultural mores that we know and love.  

Great art is something that makes you think twice. If you are in the neighborhood, go check it out!

This is the artist behind the work:

Ron English

382 West Broadway. more info here

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HCB #51: put that carrot in my coconut…

There are many great things that I learned during my time in chef school, and one of the many things that I learned and keep so close to my heart, is the art of making A DAMN GOOD SOUP. For some this doesn’t sound like anything special, but believe me when I tell you that there is an art to making a GOOD soup.

I cooked the carrots in soy and coconut milk, along with some garlic, onion and other special ingredients, then brought them together…
I used to HATE soup, and dreaded ANY and EVERY occasion that involved soup… until I went to chef school. 
Anyway, this soup was the BOMB! It was like Christmas in Heaven… only in your mouth! Yes.

peace and blessings
*vegan friendly 🙂
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“if you fall off the stage, leg extended, boobs up”
I am so excited about this movie! Lots of singing, dancing, sequins and dreams coming true 🙂  Not even after a week her divorce was announced, I can really understand why marriage is really tough for a talented, career focused woman. Even when the man is supportive and wants to help you raise a baby etc…. When I saw this trailer – I just knew.. Xtina is not just gonna change diapers and stay home. There is no way – this girl has way too much talent… Wow!  Cher and Christina.. everyone looks good.
Comes out Nov 24th!
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I’m Focused… MAN

This is a quick apology letter of love…

I’ve been quiet on HeyDoYou over the last few weeks working on something BIG that I’m so excited to share with all of you…

every morsel of blood, sweat & tears are going in to this…

I’m going in!

Stay posted over the next few weeks…

xoxo Shay

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