Posts Written On October 25, 2010

Primetime Baby!

Ladiessssss and gents… I cannot stress to you enough how important I think it is to prime before you apply make up! I’ve had many experiences with sliding make up, oily skin popping up, make up completely disappearing from my face, everything and anything you can name. Personally, I have normal to oily skin. It’s pretty sensitive too. In the summer i’d get the shiny face from the heat and sun and in the winter I get oily because the weather can be so dry my skin tries to keep moist. Bottom line… primer is a must no matter what.

It works really well and is super affordable! Priming your skin can also smooth over your pores creating a silky smooth surface for a better application. No one wants to spend all their time putting on make up just to see it less than perfect at the end of the day.

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Pretty Toes

Putting nail polish on your toe nails does not mean you have pretty toes. Go get a pedicure!  They do a very good job of cutting, filing, scrubbing, exfoliating and pampering your lil piggies.  If you have never gone to get a pedicure… What are you waiting for?  One of the easiest ways to give your feet some attention is to use a peppermint foot scrub in the shower. Here are my top 3.
All About Feet $13
Pumice Foot Scrub
Or… make your own!
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons uncooked oatmeal – run it through a blender so it’s very fine
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl until it forms a paste. Massage into your feet, taking extra time to massage into your heals. Rinse off with warm water

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Kanye West Runaway Phoenix Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks is not a stranger to wings, afterall she is a Victoria Secret Angel.  ūüôā  But guess what, this “angel” plays a Phoenix in Kanye’s movie Runaway.  I saw it yesterday on VEVO along with 6 million others…. and was INSPIRE!
 It is incredible and a perfect Halloween costume.  Here is what you need.
1. Nude Body Suit ($24 from American Apparel)
2. Pheasant Feathers + Various Feathers ($20)
3. Make Up For Ever Lashes in 149 Ellen – White Feather $15
4. Black lashes $10
5. Holographic white glitter and eyeshadow $20
6. Chains and soft headband to make headpiece ($10)
7. Thai Dance Brass Nails ($10)
8. Nude Sandals ($200)
 Don’t stress on the mega wingspan… not worth it
Just get this from ASOS… ($16!)
That’s all you really need. Show me if you can do it!  I’m gonna do it – I have 7 days! ^_^
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