Posts Written On October 24, 2010

(T.O.) LABEL- Hot For Teacher SS 2011 Preview

Friday night was a GOOD night! Many thanks to Shawna and Natalie for inviting me to come check out a preview of their “Hot For Teacher” Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I wanna be Label-made!!!

This model is so bad ass! I LOVE it!

Don’t forget to check out their website, you can also shop online!
peace and love
ps: Congratulations to Shawna and Natalie for a job well done!
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(T.O.) Psalms 91.1 Beauty in the Broken…

“It was 2004 and I was just nineteen when I first picked up my pliers and beads. ..The exciting and charming feeling of completing something I could wear and enjoy was… captivating.”– Sally Han

On Friday night I had the honor of attending the Psalms 91.1 Accessories “Beauty in the Broken” event. So many people came out to support Sally and her accessory line, and the ladies were going crazy over all the accessories! (myself included lol).

Me and Sally the genius-ess behind the Psalms 91.1 Accessories line.
She says: “I totally follow you! @heydoyou right?” 
Me: uh no that would be Yvonne… 
ha ha ha too cute.

“…That small beginning eventually unveiled my passion for creating jewellery, and that passion has rooted itself deep and wide in my life. It is a passion and gift that was planted in me and was found at the most perfect moment.”– Sally Han

Everybody looked lovely!
Me likey… A LOT!
Oooh I love her dress!
Lol Quincy (right) said he’s not good with pictures, but I think we all did a pretty good job 🙂
Robyn, it was so nice to meet and chat with you!
such a cute pic!
More pics for your viewing pleasure!

It was an evening full of laughs, smiles, good conversation and of course, the highlight of the night; trying on as many accessories as we could!
Sally you are a very talented young woman and I wish you all the best!
peace and love
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(NY) Mysterious Guy #1

I was on the 1 Train and this guy was already on the train when I got on at 72nd street. He was really mysterious and awesome. These were the things that I liked about him.
1. His suede Wallabies
2. He has a National Geographic recycle bag
3. He has a vintage coat, fedora, fingerless gloves and a notebook
4. He is using a HB pencil – You know the ones you have to sharpen
5. He is a writer, he looked at me, and started writing
6. He has a beard. It’s so hot
7. He got off at 14th. I got off right after… at Christopher 🙂

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