Posts Written On October 09, 2010

Cassius Clay

It is a very exciting time in fashion right now! 19 year old Cassius Clay, a Yale student recently dropped out to become Kanye’s stylist. Thus all the hot swagger upgrade. I can’t wait to see…

According to friends, Cassius was known for his unique style on Yale’s campus. He would come to class decked out in “Harry Potter glasses, feathered bow ties and Hermes scarves” and instead of a backpack, he carried a $5,000 Hermes Birkin bag.”

My kinda guy
Like I’ve been saying… do you

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Azure Magazine 25th

Happy Birthday Azure Magazine!  25th years of celebrating architecture, design and everything between.

 Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Cahill at this event. Cahill works with the Canadian Salvaged Timber Corp who was involved as a sponsor.

They showcased their precious timber pieces. They cost a zillion dollars and are amazing. Furniture made from salvaged wood from the 1700s etc.  You will see in the photos below. They audience were all design conscious crowd with expensive unique eyeglasses and spectacular patterned tights. Very a la 2011.  Thanks for all the wine, cheese and eyecandy.

events that inspire, hey Azure Mag, thanks for turning me on


*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*